Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Not-So-Great Depression.

I remember a specific moment as a teen feeling really sad and sorry for myself. I thought it was depression. I actually remember sitting there, with a letter opener, wondering where to hurt myself. I couldn't figure it out. I was confused how someone could feel so bad that causing themselves pain was somehow a pain reliever. I cried harder because I didn't even know how to be depressed the right way.

I can honestly say, that I have never battled with depression. I didn't really know how much of a gift that was until recently. Mental illness has been talked about a lot more in recent years. However, I think everyone can agree that it isn't widely understood. When I was introduced to The Bloggess, I remember how comfortable she made me feel reading about depression. Then Allie Brosh had her comics. They are witty, dark and informative all wrapped into one. Then, I met Corrina online through her Husband whom I had met here in Victoria. (Her blog is GusGreeper.com) When I started reading her blog, I was kind of taken aback at how open she was about her own struggles. She was a real, tangible person, talking honestly about how depression affects her.

I don't think I ever really understood any of them though. Or maybe I never really let their thoughts and feelings sit and stew in me. Then on Monday, Robin Williams died. At first I was actually hoping that it was foul play. Or another heart attack that led to asphyxiation. Somehow, that would sit better with me than suicide.

This tragic event was a huge shock to my system. It was like a train hit me. Everything I've read and heard about depression rose up and screamed at me. Telling me "This is real!" Challenging me to finally THINK about it.

I cried. Like that stupid, snot dripping out your nose, UGLY cry  At first, I thought it was at the death of Robin Williams. But when Sean asked me to share the 'why' I started realizing that it wasn't the death. It was the struggle that led to suicide that was really getting me.
I didn't understand. I don't understand.

I kind of just want to say sorry. Sorry if you've ever or are currently battling mental illness. I didn't realize the darkness. I didn't realize how all encompassing it is. I didn't realize acknowledge how society pushes you and your feelings further away.

I have so many questions, you guys. My eyes are open. My brain is open. My heart is open.
I think it's time to go back and really read what those people were writing.

It's time to talk about it.

Friday, September 20, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 121!

Wowzers! What an awesome week!

I was having a rough day. I had been off work this week with a bummer of a cold, but went to work yesterday and was having trouble staying positive because I felt so BLAH. HOWEVER - you guys did an awesome job filling the space with awesomeness!

Like these:

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I wish I could post them ALL here! OH WAIT - I CAN! ;)
Here is the slideshow, featuring your AWESOME tweets!

Friday, September 13, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 120!

It's Friday!!

Unfortunately/Fortunately this is a really busy day for me today. So only the tweets for you :P

Stay classy!

Friday, September 6, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 119!!

So if I may take a minute to plug what *I* did for #PositiveThurs:

HECK YEAH! I forgot how much fun it is to make those videos. I had a BLAST making it!

Anyway, enough shameless plugging - onto your awesomeness!

You may have noticed a trend: @Bmeckie (Becky) always having her tweets featured. I swear I don't do it on purpose... BUT LOOK AT THESE CAAAAAAAAATS!



This made me SUPER SMILE:

Wise words!

Gorgeous Picture!!


Sometimes, we all need this reminder:


Welcome home!

Last, but most certainly not least on the featured list:

Thank you to all those who chose a career in teaching others. Making this world a MUCH more intelligent place!


Friday, August 30, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 118

One Hundred and eighteen weeks. 1-1-8. That number just remarkable!

Thank you for being a part of yet another week of sharing joy & positivity!
I chose WAY too many tweets to feature... so let's get to it!

Thanks to Romina for showing us the #yyj Love!

*Puts her hand up* Sean made me do squat kicks. BLECH

Great Song!! :)

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Best. Tweet.

I love Boston Pizza! What an awesome thing for them to have done!

Enjoy the world!


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