Friday, September 20, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 121!

Wowzers! What an awesome week!

I was having a rough day. I had been off work this week with a bummer of a cold, but went to work yesterday and was having trouble staying positive because I felt so BLAH. HOWEVER - you guys did an awesome job filling the space with awesomeness!

Like these:

(I'll see you there!)



I wish I could post them ALL here! OH WAIT - I CAN! ;)
Here is the slideshow, featuring your AWESOME tweets!

Friday, September 13, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 120!

It's Friday!!

Unfortunately/Fortunately this is a really busy day for me today. So only the tweets for you :P

Stay classy!

Friday, September 6, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 119!!

So if I may take a minute to plug what *I* did for #PositiveThurs:

HECK YEAH! I forgot how much fun it is to make those videos. I had a BLAST making it!

Anyway, enough shameless plugging - onto your awesomeness!

You may have noticed a trend: @Bmeckie (Becky) always having her tweets featured. I swear I don't do it on purpose... BUT LOOK AT THESE CAAAAAAAAATS!



This made me SUPER SMILE:

Wise words!

Gorgeous Picture!!


Sometimes, we all need this reminder:


Welcome home!

Last, but most certainly not least on the featured list:

Thank you to all those who chose a career in teaching others. Making this world a MUCH more intelligent place!


Friday, August 30, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 118

One Hundred and eighteen weeks. 1-1-8. That number just remarkable!

Thank you for being a part of yet another week of sharing joy & positivity!
I chose WAY too many tweets to feature... so let's get to it!

Thanks to Romina for showing us the #yyj Love!

*Puts her hand up* Sean made me do squat kicks. BLECH

Great Song!! :)

<3 p="">


Best. Tweet.

I love Boston Pizza! What an awesome thing for them to have done!

Enjoy the world!


Alrighty! Here is all the awesomeness in one slideshow!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A whole year of #LetsGetPhysical

One year ago was the first day of my “#LetsGetPhysical” health journey.

When I first started, as much as I wanted ‘this time’ to be different I wasn’t completely sold that it would be.
Imagine my surprise when a month went by and I had established a routine. Then 2 months. Then over Christmas I was still sticking to my routine!
I’ve learned a LOT in this last year. I’m glad I took it a little bit at a time. When I first started, I didn’t completely revamp my diet, I didn’t start exercising too much. I did everything in moderation.

I’ve certainly made mistakes this year. However, every time I did, I have brushed myself off and hopped back on my #LetsGetPhysical plan.
It’s also important to remember that you need to find what works for YOU. I knew that I needed to find ways to hold myself accountable.

I decided that I was going to work out for (at least) 30mins, (at least) 4 days a week. I started out
walking. Then I jogged. Then I ran. Then I ran too much (whoops). Then I bought a stationary bike, was given a real bike, started going to deep water fit...etc
I created a hand-drawn calendar that every time I completed a workout, I would draw a star on that day. I would post a picture of me, post-workout online for all to see.
This motivated me. I felt like this kept me accountable.
Half way through the year, I discovered the MyFitnessPal app. I don’t “count calories”, because not all calories are created equal. The app was more to learn what was in foods, and to keep myself accountable for what I put in my body.
It made me think BEFORE I ate. “Do I really want to log that?” Most of the time I didn’t and I didn’t really feel like I was missing out. I, more so, felt proud that I allowed myself that victory - however small. My diet now compared to day one is SO DIFFERENT. Making little changes along the way made me feel like I wasn't really making any changes at all.

I’m glad I’ve been taking pictures throughout the year. If I had to tell you one thing: It's to keep a log of your accomplishment somehow. Pictures tell the story the best for me. I would never have believed the difference a year can make. I am down 60lbs, but more than that I have created a new lifestyle for myself.
EVEN MORE THAN THAT? My family is on board too. Most of them are on MyFitnessPal, where we are able to encourage each other. My brother-in-law has met his weight goal and is now embarking on new fitness goals. My sister began her healthy lifestyle right before she found out she was pregnant. Which now sets her and her baby up for a healthy future. My dad started watching what he eats and moving his body more. Making healthier decisions every day. I take no credit for them starting their own health goals, but it is so helpful to be surrounded/supported by those you love.
We get together on Saturdays for family dinner. It may be our "Cheat" day, but we all still log on those days. I’m sure it is a funny sight to see us all logging in our meals. “Can you pass the pickles please? I need to scan the barcode.”

I haven't posted any of those half naked "Before/During" pictures yet. I just didn't know if it was something I wanted on the internet. Here's the thing/Cliche moment: If I can do this, so can you. SERIOUSLY. Take it one day at a time. Keep yourself accountable. Find something that works for you, and try. Just try.

I want to motivate you because you reading this motivates me. So here I am:
Before picture: September 1st 2012, "During": August 25th, 2013

I'm excited to see what the next year has in store for me! :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 116!

Another week, another gaggle of amazingly positive tweets!

I'm starting with the most biased one: THE FIRST PICTURE OF MY NIECE/NEPHEW!

I hope everyone has people like this in their lives!

Those are the BEST times!

GREAT Advice!

YAY Family!

I love the hashtag #yeggers! LOL

I tried SO HARD not to include kittens.. but COME ON - LOOK AT THAT!

Here are all of the #PositiveThurs, #PositiveThursday..etc tweets all in one place!
Keep smiling, and we'll see you next week!

Friday, August 9, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 115!

This was such an awesome week! You are all so amazing and I can't tell you how much I appreciate you sharing your joy with the woooooooooorld!

I'm a little short on time, but not short on content, so let's get to it!


Good Luck Aimee!! You'll be awesome!

The power of Social Media and the people who use it!

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND we`re supposed to have a whole weekend of this!

Thanks to everyone who posted a tweet this week, You mean so much!

All the awesome in one slideshow:

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Isn't it funny, how bad foods don't make us feel any better, but we eat/crave them anyway? It’s a vicious cycle. You eat something unhealthy, you feel lethargic, you don’t exercise, then you eat something unhealthy because now you crave it = more lethargic…etc.
We forget so easily how GOOD it feels to eat well and exercise. It was so simple to fall back into a trap of eating poorly. I was even able to find excuses not to exercise, or would just go for a short walk and not challenge my body. I was EVEN tempted to start up smoking again (and may have had a few).

From left to right: Me, Sean & Renee
After Deep Waterfit Monday night
I would even remark after eating an unhealthy meal just how gross it made me feel… but then I’d just do it again!

The month of July: I totally fell FLAT on my face off the health 'plan'. I kept telling myself “It’s ok, people make mistakes. You can eat healthy tomorrow.” Or “You’re allowed a break from the plan, you've been doing so well.” This would be ok if I had done this for MAXIMUM one long weekend. The long weekend turned into a week, which joined into the next weekend, then I went camping, then I went away to Vancouver. I hit ‘the bottom’ hard and it REALLY shows on the scale. I gained 11lbs back this month. Yup, it came back that quickly.

Being unhealthy doesn't just wreak havoc physically. I posted a new picture of myself on Facebook that Sean took of me. I received a wave of congrats’ and wows, but my initial reaction was to write back “This must just be a flattering angle. I’m really not doing that well .”
I honestly didn't feel like I deserved any congrats. I wasn't living healthy, I wasn't treating my body properly and I didn't feel fit.

Yesterday, Sean and I hit an imaginary RESET button. I ate healthy for the entire 24hrs and went to Deep Waterfit with him and my sister. I’m trying not to have/follow through with ridiculous thoughts like “No Treats for 4 weeks!” or “No carbs for as long as physically possible!” and to remember that a healthy balance is all that is necessary to create a routine again.

Even ONE day back “on plan” changed the focus for me. Ok, I royally screwed up this month. Should it have happened? No, but it did. I’m not going to give myself any awards for hopping back on the plan, and in turn, I’m not going to kick myself for falling off. I've already paid by feeling horrible and lethargic.

Remember, that progress is progress. You don’t need to kick yourself for making mistakes, you just need to learn from them.
Eating unhealthy doesn't make me feel good. And I need to remember that.

On a fun note:
 Here is my latest "Before/After" photo!

Before/After Weightloss

Friday, July 26, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 113!!

Well lookie here!

Another week of complete AWESOMENESS!
Sorry for the absence last week. I was camping and couldn't put together the recap. However, you've TOTALLY made up for it here! You're so AMAZING! Thank you for sharing all this awesome positivity!

I hope you had a nice time!! ;)

Nice strength!


Thank you again for being so amazing! Let's get to ALL of your tweets!

Friday, July 12, 2013

#Positive-Thurs - Week 111!

Well here we go! One more week of crazy awesome sharing!
I think you guys are so AMAZING! Here's proof:

(Continued here in the slideshow)

Friday, July 5, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 110!

WoooooHooooooooooooooooo! It's Friday, here in #yyj it's SUNNY and I have a three day weekend!
I could NOT be happier!!

Ok, but enough about me! Let's talk about YOU! First, YOU ARE AMAZING! Second, THANK YOU for being a part of #PositiveThurs!

Let's head into some featured tweets:

Not only is this picture amazingly smile inducing, the tweet itself is pretty good too!

D'awwwww!! Shannon! You're ADORABLE!


Angela, I could not have said it better myself!

I seem to feature TIkki every week. Oh well - I could NOT pass up this picture!

This one really resonated with me. Thanks, Sean!

Ok, ok - enough already! :) Here are your amazing tweets, all in the slideshow:

Friday, June 28, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 109!

I love #PositiveThurs! There. I said it. ;)
You are all so amazing and make me smile SOOOOOOO big! Let`s get going!



Thank you to everyone! Here are all of your amazing tweets in a slideshow!

Friday, June 21, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 108!

I may be suffering from "Too much fun"-itis this morning. Also known as, "I didn't get to sleep until after 2am and the alarm went off at 6:30"-itis. #TIRED
I was a part of the social media team at the VIATeC awards last night. AND IT WAS AMAZING! We ended up getting #tectoria to trend IN CANADA! SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!

Ok, ok... Let's do this thang! I'm not going to say anything in between the featured tweets today - ENJOY!

Here are all your amazing tweets in the slideshow! Have a GREAT GREAT week everyone! <3

Friday, June 14, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 107!

Hello everyone!!

Another amazing week together this week!

EXCITING NEWS!! I'm going to be talking all about #PositiveThurs today at NOON (pst) on #SocialTimeTV. If you've got a minute - check it out!

Let's run into your awesome tweets!!

Look at that smile!!

We all know by now, that the way to tug at my heart strings is FAMILY!

Sometimes, it's just this simple:

Or this simple:

Or even this simple!

Love is a great reason to be positive!

This really spoke to me:

and last but CERTAINLY not least:

Here are all of your AMAZING tweets in the slideshow!
Thank you for another week of sharing your love, struggles and positive attitudes!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Why things like 'Strong Is The New Skinny' hurts more than helps.

This post stems from thoughts I had after reading Skye's post 'Why "Strong is the New Skinny" needs to die.' Which I suggest reading, even perhaps, before my post.

Skye points out that the slogan is worthless now. If you were to google it, you'll see that indeed, you still need to be skinny. Along with all these pictures of women posing. Not ACTUALLY being 'strong'. This isn't empowering at all!

When I was overweight and doing nothing about it, all the ads about how women were only attractive or worth anything if they came in sizes 10 and under, fuelled my self worth.

However, all of these ideals confused healthy for me. I was convinced that people only ate right and exercised if they wanted to get skinny.
Take a minute to think on that one, because it was a BIG realization for me.

I ended up equating Healthy to Skinny.

Convinced that I was not genetically made to be 'skinny', I was on a mission to show that you could be overweight and still be happy with yourself. I wanted people to accept themselves for who they were. My energy was misdirected from all the misinformation. THIS is the problem with these types of ads.

You know what can also be so scary about 'Healthy = Skinny'? Some thin people don't realize the damage they are doing by living an unhealthy lifestyle. The damage that they are doing to their bodies doesn't necessarily show on the outside.

I still advocate for accepting yourself for who you are. HOWEVER, I'm a bigger advocate for also treating yourself right. You can be overweight and love yourself. You can be skinny and love yourself. The best way to love yourself? BE HEALTHY.

Friday, June 7, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 106!

I just realized that since we're at week 106... We've passed the TWO YEAR mark with #PositiveThurs. WOW!
I can't believe it! That is freaking AMAZING!

I just want to first say that you all have influenced my life in only the most positive of ways. I am so grateful for all of you!!

Secondly, I wanted to remind you that it's ok to make a typo! While the "OFFICIAL" hashtag is #PositiveThurs, I check PositiveThurs, PositiveThursday, PostiveThurs, PositveThurs, PostiveThursday, PositveThursday, PositiveThrus.... ETC. I think you get the point. :) I try to make sure I don't miss any misspellings of the tag!

OK, let's get into it! Do more of what makes you AWESOME!!

After reading this, I have the song stuff in my head. Making me SMILE!

Love this reminder:

What an AMAZING thing that @HeroWork has done for the Mustard Seed!!!

THIS, Tikki, looks like heaven on EARTH!


Waves/Large bodies of water are my 'peaceful place.' It's a good thing I live on an island! :)

You are all so amazing! Here are the AWESOME tweets shared by our fabulous community!

Friday, May 31, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 105!

It's FRIDAY!!! YAY!!!!!!!

What an awesome day of sharing yesterday! So many awesome tweets, that it was hard to pick some to feature!

Let's Dive In!!

First of all:


A Great Reminder:

Hoping everything is ok... but also a good reminder:

This also made me smile!

It's a beautiful day for a neighbour! ;)

This is an AMAZING picture, Juhli!! I love it!!

This tweet made me laugh outloud!

Be sure to click through the slideshow, it's FULL of awesomeness!!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Five things that being injured has done for me.

Ok, quick recap for those just joining us.
I am overweight, trying to get healthy. I found out that I love running. I ran too much and now my knee is super angry-face at me.

Ok, now that we’re all caught up.
Five things that being injured has done for me.

1. I've been forced to try new things.

I got into a groove where I was running 3+ days a week and only picking up the weights when I couldn't come up with a good enough reason not to.
Now, I ride a recumbent bike, I lift weights, I go for walks, I even started going to Deep Waterfit!

2. I've had to refocus my goals.

Like I said, I was running a lot. This made me able to eat quite a few unhealthy meals a week, and still lose weight. However, now that I’m not running, I've had to become more nutrition focused. Which reminded me that I was STILL putting WAY more unhealthy foods in my body than I should have been. I had also started getting obsessed with running faster/farther. However, this interruption reminded me why I started all of this in the first place - HEALTH!

3. It has allowed me to connect more with my sister.

My sister (who is freaking awesome, BTW) has started her own health journey. However, she is not too interested in running. So I've been able to go for walks with her and we went to Deep Waterfit together too! Breaking out of the "need to run faster/farther" helped me remember that ANY exercise can be done with others!

4. It has given me the chance to prove how much I want this.

All too often, we are thrown a ‘wrench in the plan’ or a brick wall is put up to stop us. We then have to choose if we want to push ahead, or cave to the pressure. This is less black and white than I’m making it out to be.  However, it’s exciting to know that I want this badly enough to try out new things & step outside my comfort zone.

5. I've gotten quite the mental workout.

Anyone who has been injured before knows how hard it is to basically have life tell you “Hey, you can’t do that thing you love doing anymore.”
I've been through weird bouts of near depression. I've been sad about not running, sad when I know my friends are running and sad when I see other runners.  I was just starting to consider myself a ‘runner’… and now I feel weird saying it because I can’t run.
It has been hard to motivate myself to do workouts that take up as much or more time, but don’t burn near as many calories as running does. Running provides a release of emotions, a way to slough off the day. Then I'd kick myself for feeling negative about not running. As if I didn't deserve to feel badly about being injured.
Getting over THAT mental wall is the hardest part, in my opinion.

Basically, to sum things up: This injury hasn't been all bad.

It’s important to remember that you’re not the first to have an injury, hit a wall or feel sad about stuff. There are so many amazing blog posts and resources on the internet (and beyond) to help remind you you’re not alone and to help you cope/recover.
Also, don’t forget how important it is to share how you’re feeling with those who are close to you. You’ll never get help if no one knows you’re hurting.

Friday, May 24, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 104! [Pictures GALORE!]

This week there were SOOOO many awesome tweets, quotes, pictures and quote pictures. DISCLAIMER: There is a picture with a "bad word" in it.

Ok, let's get to it!!

(I love the pictures that Janet shares!!)

Tikki is such an inspiration. She is AMAZE-balls. (the best kind of amazing)

This picture NEVER ceases to make me SMILE! (Honestly, from here on out.. all the "featured tweets" are pictures... lol)



ALRIGHTY y'all - here are your AMAZING #PositiveThurs tweets in a slideshow! (Thanks for being awesome!)

Friday, May 17, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 103!

Holy holy moly, YOU GUYS! You are so awesome!
Look at all the awesomeness you tweeted out yesterday!!!

I'm also lucky to live in the same city as my parents!

Wow Shannon, This is some view!!

Christina, I REALLY love this realization! :)

The Hashtag #everythinghurts made me laugh.

A little gem to remember:

You are all so amazing! Thank you for sharing yourselves with all of us! I love #PositiveThurs!!

Here are all your awesome tweets - Slideshow Style!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Hitting A Brick Wall

It’s been a little quiet over here on my blog.
Do you remember when I ran the #GhettoHalfMara with my run buddies? Do you remember how I said that it felt like I was killing my knees? So as it turns out, I was.

 It wasn’t just the half marathon, I was generally overdoing it.
After about a month of thinking "Oh, it'll just go away!", and it not just going away, I decided to cut down on the running (nope, hadn’t decided to see someone just yet.) I started doing knee strengthening exercises and running shorter distances with less frequency. I told myself that I could have 2 weeks, and if it still hurt – I’d go see someone. Well, I went to see someone.

I found out that I had, indeed, “overused” my knees. I was prescribed some exercises, some SuperFeet insoles and ideally, I need to stop running (for now).

It has been three weeks since I last went for a RUN.
5 reasons why I dislike this fact?:

1. Not being able to go for a run with my run friends just plain SUCKS.
When you're a pretty busy person, running with friends can be an extension the entirety of your social life. Not being able to run with your run friends, usually means you don't see your run friends.

2. Running burned A LOT of calories.
This gave me more wiggle room. Not burning those calories, means no poutine keeping a closer eye on what I'm eating.

3. Being in pain is exhausting.
Pain makes motivating yourself to move your body A MILLION times harder.

4. Not being able to do what you enjoy makes exercising a chore.
Imagine having to watch repeats of a terrible movie instead of watching a new awesome one. That's what exercise can be when you don't enjoy what you're doing. Which, in turn, makes motivating yourself to move your body AN EXTRA MILLION times harder.

5. Numbers are my motivation.
Being motivated by doing "better than the last time" can get you into trouble. (Exhibit KNEE). However, not being able to do as much activity as I was used to also gives me the feeling of “Why even bother?” When you can't get the same intensity or improve from where you were, it's hard to motivate yourself try.

My knees are definitely better than they were 3 weeks ago, (thanks Dr.Stefanie Yao) but I’ve never been very patient with injury recovery. I’m doing everything I can to not F*#$ this up.

I've hesitated updating my blog because I wasn't feeling accomplished - It's hard to share your struggles. But what I've realized, is that overcoming these struggles will be a greater accomplishment than running a bajillion kilometers.

“The brick walls are there for a reason. The brick walls are not there to keep us out; the brick walls are there to give us a chance to show how badly we want something.” – Randy Pausch

Friday, May 10, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 102!

WOW!!! What a week!

There are SOOOO MANY tweets to choose from that I chose a lot. So I won't say much, I'll let the tweets stand for themselves... but I just want to say: THANK YOU!!! What an incredible week of sharing/being awesome/love we had!!!



Love that hashtag, #SingLikeNobodyIsWatching

(PS Running is awesome)

don't forget... It's Mother's Day this Sunday!!

Last but not least, I think EVERYONE should click the link in the next tweet and read the blog post.

OK, OK! I know, that was a lot. BUT GUESS WHAT! That's only the beginning! Click through this slideshow to see all the AMAZINGNESS from everyone!