Thursday, September 15, 2011

For the night time look - you just pop out the lenses! Idea courtesy of Sean!

Celebrate The Small Things

I have weaknesses. Yup, more than one and I can admit it! The one I’m going to share with you is my eating habit. I enjoy eating things I shouldn’t. Main Course, then dessert! Isn’t that how all meals go?

Over the past 2 months I’ve gotten serious (as serious as I get) about getting healthy. I asked my boyfriend, who used to teach nutrition to his martial arts students, to help encourage me to eat healthier and to teach me how. It works great when I’m with him. We eat healthy dinners all the time now. However, the problem has been when I’m at work. There is always some sort of consumable sitting around which, for someone who is trying to eat healthy, is a source of constant temptation. My willpower to resist these things is pretty much non-existant.

My boyfriend would ask me what I ate when I got home from work and I would look sheepishly to the ground. He obviously couldn’t sit beside me smacking my hand when I reached for a Gummy, TimBit, Mini Chocolate bar…etc… so he came up with a rule for when I’m about to eat something unhealthy.
I’d have to text him and ask his permission.
When he said it, he was only half kidding and I know what you’re thinking – and no, I didn’t hit him.
Of course, being the strong & independent (stubborn) woman I am, I wouldn’t agree to such a ridiculous rule. However, just the suggestion ended up helping. When I am considering eating something unhealthy, I think of that ridiculous rule and it gets me thinking if I really need to eat it.

Yesterday, I turned down the offer of TimBits – not to mention their resting spot is 5 feet away from me. I know to most that won't seem like much of an accomplishment – but here’s the thing I realized in that: I am very much allowed to celebrate the small accomplishments. Get this: SO ARE YOU!

No matter what you are excited about, no matter how insignificant others may think it is, it is most certainly in your right to celebrate it... and I think you should.

Today, on twitter and facebook I'm encouraging people to celebrate small things, big things, people, sunshine, smiles... WHATEVER you want to celebrate. Include the hashtag #PositiveThurs and I'll be putting a story together of all your posts.

So get out there and START CELEBRATING!