Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Once upon a time

So I've found myself saying a new phrase starter... "Once upon a time". Don't ask me why, or how it makes any sense in the context I use it in. I just do, and thought I should tell you. haha.

Now, its time for......


So I asked my mom and sister what this remember when blog should be about and my mom suggested a "remember when life was simple, when you all you had to worry about was who liked who, what to wear to school and what was on TV"

Which made me think of a story that has stuck with me my entire life.
Remember when you got picked on in school? C'mon, don't lie... EVERYONE got picked on at least once.

Well, I remember when I was in grade 7 and it was a friday....

The lunch bell rang for the time to go outside and we RAN out. I went to go hang out with my friends and they looked at me like I was some sort of outcast. I don't know if your friends ever did this in school, or you knew of kids who did this, but MY group of friends would, every so often, "kick" someone out of the group. Just for a day. Nothing serious... but, you know, keep them grounded (hahaha, right. evil little brats).

Well, apparently this was my turn. However, when you are 12 years old and your friends tell you that they never ever want to hang out with you again, you believe them. You also forget about how you did this to another person in the group the month before.
So lunchtime happened, and it felt like FOREVER. They didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. However, remember that THIS time, it was a FRIDAY!! So I had to go home, and think for the entire weekend that I was now an outcast.
I remember sitting on my bed, crying and talking to my mom about it. My world literally felt like it was coming to an end. My mom just sat there, she didn't tell me how stupid the thought was, didn't tell me that my tears were unnecessary. Nope, she listened. Then she told me that no matter what, I'd always have my family. I'm sure she knew how evil little kids were and how everything would be fine monday morning when we got there. They would probably even forget it happened and talk to me like normal. (Which they did)

However, she made me feel like my tears were warranted. Like I wasn't stupid... but that I'd always have a loving family supporting me. No matter what.

Remembering this, I always know that I'm loved. My family is MADE OF AWESOME, and I'm lucky to have them.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


You know, I wish there were a way that I could just snap my fingers and my house would be packed and ready for moving.

Heck, I'd love it if it were moved! Unfourtunately, for some ungodly reason, I can't do that.

So I have to pack. Now, I'm not sure if y'all remember back to the days in 2006 when I had to pack to move into the house my parents bought, or in 2007 when I had to pack to move out of my parents' house... but I confessed about my packing problem.

Not only am I a pack rat, I also know how useless the stuff is.
I have stuff that has been sitting in my storage closet since the day I moved in (since I was able to unpack everything the first day) and I went to go grab it and sort through it. You'd think that if I've lived without it for a year and a half I'd be able to live without it completly. I should just dump it. Yeah, easier said than done.

I look at the stuff and say "Oh, if I had only looked in here sooner I could have pulled this stuff out and used it!"
Worst part is, I have throw this stuff out. Most of it are papers that I deemed "important" the last time I moved.

For example, one thing that I'm having a hard time getting rid of is a stack of "paintings" from kindergarten. I mean, they aren't good by any means. "flowers", "houses" "sun"... you can only tell because they are basic forms.
How do you just throw those away?
I need someone to come in and pack my house for me. When they look at a piece of paper ripped into a heart with "I love you!" written in my sisters writing, they'd be able to just throw that away! No attachment!

Anyway, there is my packing rant for the day. Back to work I go!

<3 Nikki

Saturday, April 18, 2009

3rd times a charm

So as some of you will already know, when I played rugby in Highschool I managed to break both my ankles.

When it happened, I honestly thought "well, at least I did it doing something cool. So when people ask how I did it, I won't be embarrassed".

Well, today was a BEAUTIFUL day.
Renee and I have been trying to go out every saturday and take fun pictures of eachother to use for our facebook picture every week. So today we went to Gyro Park.... we've got a lot of beach pictures so we decided to go on the toys and take pictures there.
We got some really great pictures and then I spotted it. The pirate shop with a PLANK. So I got Renee to walk to the plank. I took some pictures and then we switched... and I had the BRILLIANT idea of JUMPING off the plank... in my sandals, onto sand, with the bad ankles that I have from Rugby.
Well, I'm sure you've done the math.

Jumping + sandals + sand + bad ankles = SPRAINED ANKLE

It hurts. Like, ow. Like... OW.

My mom and sister took me to Emergency and I almost died.

So this morning, Renee and I went to the gym. We upped our weights. My arms are SORE... and you know what you use when you're walking with crutches? YOUR ARMS.

So seriously...I'm in uber amounts of pain.... and it hurts to go anywhere. BOO HOO... whine whine whine whine.


Ok... I'm sorry... I am taking pity on myself.

LUCKILY though, my family is awesome. and taking care of me. and AWESOME.

Ok, well.... I've got to go.
We're having a party for renee since she's done school! YAY!

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Ok... honestly... this week has been ridiculous.

So I live in a basement suite. The only problem is, I live in a suite where there is very little insulation between my room and the room above me.
I have had constant complaints that I'm too loud from my landlords, who live above me. Now, I'm not saying that I've never had a party at my place, and that its never been too loud at an ungodly hour. Because I have.

Now because of these complaints that I am too loud, Brian and I have stopped having people over all together. Afraid to have to have the embarrassment of saying "OH! Its 10:55pm, you need to leave so we can be quiet by 11".

Its gotten to the point where we don't live here... we have all our stuff here and sleep here, but we no longer LIVE here.

On monday at exactly 11:01pm, I received a call from - not my landlord - no. My landlord's son. He was calling to inform me that not only were we being too loud (eventhough both of us are in our rooms going to sleep) but that I have been keeping him up for the past full year now. We apparently were supposed to be asleep by 10pm.
So now, not only am I renting a place where I don't LIVE... I'm renting a place that has a curfew.

That was the last straw. I told Brian I wanted to move out and started looking right after I hung up the phone.

So if that wasn't the last straw... Today, I got another call. This time from my landlord. She was calling to tell me that she spoke with her son, and its ok for us to be awake until 11pm (wow, woop-dee-doo..thanks boy who is younger than me) and that she is going away for a week to california. I said to her that I was not pleased that I received a phone call from her son and not her- that SHE is my landlord and not him. She said then proceed to tell me that her husband is an alcoholic. But at least he has been respectful of the noise level. Also, she understands my situation as it is just like her husbands.

I was just shocked. SHOCKED!!! Like, who the hell does she think she is saying that I'm an alcoholic!?! I just can't imagine what goes on in her brain to have the need to say that out loud. NAIL. IN. THE. COFFIN.

Brian and I have been to a couple of places to look... I *REALLY* want one of them, and there is another that I'm sure by now we haven't gotten, and the last one I went and looked at today and it is nice... but not aesthetically pleasing.

I just can't wait to get the eff out of here.

Highlight of the week: FRIGONOMETRY