Saturday, April 18, 2009

3rd times a charm

So as some of you will already know, when I played rugby in Highschool I managed to break both my ankles.

When it happened, I honestly thought "well, at least I did it doing something cool. So when people ask how I did it, I won't be embarrassed".

Well, today was a BEAUTIFUL day.
Renee and I have been trying to go out every saturday and take fun pictures of eachother to use for our facebook picture every week. So today we went to Gyro Park.... we've got a lot of beach pictures so we decided to go on the toys and take pictures there.
We got some really great pictures and then I spotted it. The pirate shop with a PLANK. So I got Renee to walk to the plank. I took some pictures and then we switched... and I had the BRILLIANT idea of JUMPING off the plank... in my sandals, onto sand, with the bad ankles that I have from Rugby.
Well, I'm sure you've done the math.

Jumping + sandals + sand + bad ankles = SPRAINED ANKLE

It hurts. Like, ow. Like... OW.

My mom and sister took me to Emergency and I almost died.

So this morning, Renee and I went to the gym. We upped our weights. My arms are SORE... and you know what you use when you're walking with crutches? YOUR ARMS.

So seriously...I'm in uber amounts of pain.... and it hurts to go anywhere. BOO HOO... whine whine whine whine.


Ok... I'm sorry... I am taking pity on myself.

LUCKILY though, my family is awesome. and taking care of me. and AWESOME.

Ok, well.... I've got to go.
We're having a party for renee since she's done school! YAY!

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