Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Once upon a time

So I've found myself saying a new phrase starter... "Once upon a time". Don't ask me why, or how it makes any sense in the context I use it in. I just do, and thought I should tell you. haha.

Now, its time for......


So I asked my mom and sister what this remember when blog should be about and my mom suggested a "remember when life was simple, when you all you had to worry about was who liked who, what to wear to school and what was on TV"

Which made me think of a story that has stuck with me my entire life.
Remember when you got picked on in school? C'mon, don't lie... EVERYONE got picked on at least once.

Well, I remember when I was in grade 7 and it was a friday....

The lunch bell rang for the time to go outside and we RAN out. I went to go hang out with my friends and they looked at me like I was some sort of outcast. I don't know if your friends ever did this in school, or you knew of kids who did this, but MY group of friends would, every so often, "kick" someone out of the group. Just for a day. Nothing serious... but, you know, keep them grounded (hahaha, right. evil little brats).

Well, apparently this was my turn. However, when you are 12 years old and your friends tell you that they never ever want to hang out with you again, you believe them. You also forget about how you did this to another person in the group the month before.
So lunchtime happened, and it felt like FOREVER. They didn't talk to me for the rest of the day. However, remember that THIS time, it was a FRIDAY!! So I had to go home, and think for the entire weekend that I was now an outcast.
I remember sitting on my bed, crying and talking to my mom about it. My world literally felt like it was coming to an end. My mom just sat there, she didn't tell me how stupid the thought was, didn't tell me that my tears were unnecessary. Nope, she listened. Then she told me that no matter what, I'd always have my family. I'm sure she knew how evil little kids were and how everything would be fine monday morning when we got there. They would probably even forget it happened and talk to me like normal. (Which they did)

However, she made me feel like my tears were warranted. Like I wasn't stupid... but that I'd always have a loving family supporting me. No matter what.

Remembering this, I always know that I'm loved. My family is MADE OF AWESOME, and I'm lucky to have them.

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Renée said...

Our family is the coolest. *sigh* I less than three us.