Monday, December 22, 2008

I love to laugh, HA HA HA HA!

Ok, ok... think positive thoughts*****

BAH! I GIVE UP!! So I went for a walk to the corner store this evening. Just for something to do and to see what the snow was like...
IT COMES TO MID-WAY UP MY CALF! I walked past the bus stop I would normally grab a bus from and there is no way that busses are stopping at that stop. there is about 5 feet of snow 1+ feet deep between the bus stop and the road.

Now for those who don't live here... let me explain to you what winter weather on my part of the island is normally like... RAIN. Period. Maybe one night where it snows 5cm and stays around for maybe a 24 hour period. Not this, no. We've had snow on the ground for WAY too long. It isn't going away anytime soon either, apparently. I want my normal weather back!! GIVE IT BACK! lol

I just don't know how long its going to take me to get to work tomorrow... On a normal day I leave my house around 7:45am, take a pit stop by Wal-mart to see some friends, leave there by 8:10/15 and then get to work somewhere between 8:15 and 8:25. Tomorrow, on the other hand, I think I will leave around 7:20/30, and see what time I get to Wally world for what time I should leave there.

GUH! I just don't want to get to work and then be sent home right away. I have a feeling that the guy coming down from one of the print shops we deal with isn't still coming down to take the sales guys out for lunch. If he does, their lunch date will probably be a long time, since driving around won't be too pretty.

Well... we'll see what tomorrow brings... right now I should be trying to sleep instead of writing this blog.

Sweet dreams world! Think warm, snow melting thoughts!!


Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hello hello! Welcome to the lovely holiday season.
Of retarded drivers, angry shoppers and snow.

*sigh* I just plum don't understand why people have to be so angry. My sister and I went to Wal-mart today just to pick up her pictures from the portrait studio and OH MY GOODNESS! I do not miss retail one bit. Not one! These people are so very angry. I mean, I see it every year... why do people wait to do ALL of their Christmas shopping until the weekend before??? I'm not saying I'm much better. I only started my shopping Tuesday... but I was in and out. Finished. I don't know how people can stand the crowds. Oh right, they don't.... they just get super-de-dooper angry at the other people.

My friend said that today on her lunch break, (she works retail) there were people having a SCREAMING match over a parking spot. This is supposed to be a holly, jolly season. "The best time of the year". 
Say hello to friends you know and have a cup of CHEER! 

Renee and I decided that we are going to do our shopping in November. I suggested Jan/Feb since that's the deadest time in retail. haha. Perhaps that might be too early... 
If you do go out, just promise me you won't hip check  someone. Be patient... and be REALLY nice to the people who are working there... they have to deal with all the arseholes who have forgotten they are people too.

HAPPY Holidays everyone!! 


Tuesday, December 16, 2008

What to do, what to do.

So I'm sitting here, at my desk at work.

I have ten minutes left of lunch and I'm bored.... lol
I don't want to go back early because I don't have tons of work to fill my afternoon with.. so it would just make 10 minutes later in the day where I have nothing to do.

So I told Tanya and she said "Write a lunchtime blog!"

So here it is. My lunchtime blog... I still have 7 minutes... this is sad. haha

Do you remember Kymburleigh from my last blog??
She sent flowers to my work!
They are sitting here next to me. I love them! Ther are so pretty and smell so nice.

Its funny, because the person who wrote the card has the poorest writing alive.
It reminds me of the blog I mean, if someone is sending flowers to someone, don't you think you'd want their card to look pretty too?

Apparently not.

Anyway, I've got 3 minutes left now... I can go back 3 minutes early. haha.

Talk to you all later!!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

I guess its time

I haven't written in here for a while... and I figure after bothering my family about posting in their blogs, I should post in mine.

I have had a pretty good week. Last weekend, my best e-friend Kimberly came to visit me for a couple of days. We went out saturday night and had a blast! Sunday, we went to my parents' house for lunch. It was so good. Pork Roast, Mashed Potatoes, and green beans casserole. mmm, mmm good!!! 
We went shopping/sight seeing. My sister was nice enough to accompany us and drive around town!
It was awesome! Then we came back to my house and recorded a video (22 minutes long).. and went on stickam.
We talked to old friends, made new ones... and remembered the ups and downs of talking on webcam on the internet.  

Monday I had to work, but Kymbie had to work on her resume and a job application. My sister picked me up from work, and we went to Red Robin for dinner.
We came back to my house and we watched some Youtube videos, we went for a walk, swung on some swings and took some pictures.
We came back and recorded another video.... this one 24 minutes long. Now I had to edit 46 minutes of video. haha.

Monday night was Kym and I's last chance to spend time together, as she was leaving to go back home tuesday day, while I was at work. I am so glad she came to spend time with me so that we could finally meet.
She was the same in person as she was online. Which is refreshing!

Well, its lunch time.. so I'll just leave you with this:

It's the video that we made together!! *WARNING* : Watch only if you like randomness!