Sunday, November 30, 2008

What? Work post again? Surprise, surprise...

Well... here I am again.

I'm going to slightly lose my "new" status... when we hire someone new... newer than I.

I'm not going to lie to you. I'm worried that they'll hire someone new, someone who is more qualified than me and they'll excel at a faster pace than I and they will just plum be better at the job than me.
I'm trying my darndest to learn everything.. but I'm getting frustrated at all the little mistakes I make. I know I'm new. I realize that. That is what the first week or two is for... learning from your "teacher" and from your mistakes. I feel like I should have this down by now.

Well, the important thing is that I enjoy work.

I love Tanya... she's amazing. We keep eachother sane. We think alike... which makes learning from her simple. We get along so well its almost scary. I feel like I've been there for well over a month.. but, its hard to explain... because I also feel like when I say I've been there a month its gone by so fast!

Anyway... that's enough blabbering for today.. I'll ttyl!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Waking up early on a saturday.

Hey hey all! Long time no see.

So I'm up before 10 on a saturday. I woke up because I had to pee. No big deal, I can usually go right back to sleep after. However, I decided that throwing in a load of laundry now would probably be a great idea so that I go back to sleep, wake up in an hour and do another load.
However, I got back into bed and now here I am. Unable to close my eyes.

So... let's blog! haha

I don't really have any other news other than work.
However, work is awesome. I love it there. If I didn't have to wake up early... I would love getting up in the morning. Once I'm at work... I am happy.

Currently, there is a little drama in the workplace. Which just proves to me that there can be no work environment, big or small, without it. Its actually semi-amusing to me. Only because its the ONLY drama going on. I'm used to several at once.

Well, I'm going to keep it at that. Not bore you all to death.
Just bore you until you're almost dead...with a chance of revival.

I'm a nerd.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boy don't try to front...

I have the new Britney Spears' song "Womanizer" stuck in my head...



So I've completed a total of 6 working days at the new job. Golly gee willikers everyone!!! I love it.

I love being in an environment that there isn't all this drama. Where you have 7 people's lives to keep track of instead of 150+. AWESOME.

So, one of my favorite stories to tell so far is from friday.
Chris, one of my bosses, comes downstairs and says "Well Nikki, you've made it a week! Do you want a beer?"
Confused, I said "Uh, no...thanks.." He continues, "Well, we normally have a beer every friday to kind of...well, celebrate the end of the week."
*sigh* WOOOOOT!!!

I just can't even explain how excited I am that I have this job. I am so lucky to work with this group of people and have this opportunity.

I am having a little trouble adjusting to this new sleeping pattern. The only nights I seem to really get it are the nights I'm just too exhausted to stay awake any longer.
I'm also oddly excited for my lunches this week. I baked some chicken tonight, and for tomorrow I made 2 chicken salad wraps. Tomorrow night, I'll put together a chicken salad, and then for friday, we'll just have to see which one I like more and make that one. lol

I haven't forgotten to make/bring a lunch yet (but 6 times isn't really a record...).
I love seeing Jacki in the mornings. Its nice, because eventhough its for only 7-15 minutes... I still get to see her... and its a good start to the day!

At Wal-mart friday night some man overdosed on heroin in the washroom... there was a code white call (first aid call) and if I still worked there... I would have been the first one to respond.
HOLY FUDGSICLES BATMAN!! Thank goodness I don't work there anymore... I still play over and over in my head what the heck I would have done.
I would have attempted to stay calm the whole time... but nuh-uhn... I don't think so.

Anyway... there are so many good things about not being at Wal-mart... however, I'm experiencing the downside currently... hoping that I won't sleep in too late. Seeing as how I haven't even planned my outfit for tomorrow (which is normally what saves me in the longrun.)

Ok, sleep attempt time. If nothing, I'll just lay here, doing nothing.

Talk to y'all soon!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I feel special :) !!!

So I've had two days at the new job and I'm loving it!!
I was told today that my name was put on the website!! Its official ladies and gentlemen! I work there!!! hehe.
Unfortunately, they spelt my last name wrong (and the graphic designer will fix it tomorrow appparently). So currently, my name is Nikki Tibodeau... but at least whoever reads it will pronounce my name correctly. haha.
You can check it out here:
(please note that by the time you click this link, they may have already corrected the error.)

Anyway, short post today.. because I'm up WAY too late/early.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ok, Ok.... Breathe. ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, the only day left in between now and my first day at Island Print Group.
I just can't believe it!! *DEEP BREATH*

Let's change the subject.
So last night I slept over at my parents' house, on the couch. It would have been alright if the animals didn't make so much noise. Haha. The dogs would whine, make weird noises while they were dreaming. The two younger cats would run around and play. Jasmine (the older cat) this morning she tried to act as an alarm clock by meowing this meow that can only be described as the noise you'd expect to hear when the cat is DYING. So that was interesting.
Then everyone seemed to get up around the same time, and we went out to Wendy's for lunch.
We dropped Malcolm off at home and then Renee, Mom, Dad and I went to Linens and Things. They are going out of business and so there were a few things that my mom wanted to get.
My dad and I had a blast. Talking about the George Foreman Grills... you really had to be there. haha.

After Linens n things we went and picked up Brian from work, and went home. We watched a movie about Harry Houdini. I couldn't tell you what the title was, but it was really good!

Shortly after I realized that it was Saturday (I'm kind of slow, I know) and Saturdays are Laundry Day... and I NEEDED to do laundry. So I put in a load and came back to my room to prepare the next load and I realized... my room was DISGUSTING.
So, I thought I'd do something about it.
I spent ALL night cleaning my room (yup... that bad.) It was the kind of bad where I had "cleaned up" a few times before by shoving things into my closet and under my bed... and so I had to clean up those things too. However, its DONE!! All my clothes are clean, and put away properly. I just need to vacuum. I couldn't do that at midnight.

So, yup... I'm feeling accomplished. YAY!
Ok, don't forget to roll your clocks back!! I'm going to go to sleep now! Sweet dreams!

Saturday, November 1, 2008


So I've been on holidays this week.
Holidays from Walmart that is. Yes, I put in my two weeks notice... but at the same time, I had this week of holidays already booked off.
So anyway, I'm a "free" woman now. I am currently unemployed. How does it feel?? Well, um... I don't really know. I have a job waiting for me on monday, so I don't really feel unemployed. 

The anticipation is killing me. You know when you are going on a trip and the night before you leave you can't sleep a wink? I think its going to be like that Sunday night. I mean... I already love staying up late as it is (which is why ALL of my blog posts have been between 12am-5am), but it has got to stop if I want to be able to concentrate at work.

Today, I started my day with a walk to my new work. To time how long it takes me to walk there. 21 minutes. That's how long it takes. Which is awesome. I was planning on busing there...however, my mother pointed out that its less than 10 minutes away from Wal-Mart which I already walk to. So, I guess I'll be walking. A bonus to walking (well, there are several bonuses.. but I want to point out this one) will be that I pass by Wal-Mart just about the time that My best friend should be outside having her smoke break. I mean, how awesome would that be to see my best friend everyday (ish) of the week!?! I used to only see her thursdays and then briefly (15minutes max) on Tues, Wed and Fri if I showed up an hour early to work, because that is when she got off work and was heading home.

Anyway.. needless to say... I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!
I've wanted to e-mail my new work and be like " WOOOO-HOOOOO __#__ days left!!!" as a countdown everyday since I've found out... but I'm pretty sure they'd re-think my sanity.

I should probably post an entry in here more than once a week... so that you kids (Renee...ok, and don't have to wade through my ramblings... but hey... I'll ramble if I want to ramble. (keep in mind I'm writing this after our "celebration")

I went shopping with my mom today. I bought food to bring for lunches, little snacks (good for me snacks like mini manderin oranges, carrots, snap peas and sugar peas...OH! and granola bars!) Basically, I get 30 mins for lunch, and there isn't anything RIGHT there to go buy.. so I *HAVE* to bring my lunch. Which is probably one of the best things for me. An extra 12 minutes of walking (to and from work combined) a day, healthy eating (and drinking- no easy access to pop) so, let's bring on the healthy!! Healthier leads to happier (not that I'm UN-happy... but if I can get happier, I want to!!)

Ok, feeling a little sleepy... I think I'm going to curl up on this couch and sleep.
Love you bunches Mom, Dad and Renee (since you are my only readers, I dedicate this to you. haha)