Saturday, November 1, 2008


So I've been on holidays this week.
Holidays from Walmart that is. Yes, I put in my two weeks notice... but at the same time, I had this week of holidays already booked off.
So anyway, I'm a "free" woman now. I am currently unemployed. How does it feel?? Well, um... I don't really know. I have a job waiting for me on monday, so I don't really feel unemployed. 

The anticipation is killing me. You know when you are going on a trip and the night before you leave you can't sleep a wink? I think its going to be like that Sunday night. I mean... I already love staying up late as it is (which is why ALL of my blog posts have been between 12am-5am), but it has got to stop if I want to be able to concentrate at work.

Today, I started my day with a walk to my new work. To time how long it takes me to walk there. 21 minutes. That's how long it takes. Which is awesome. I was planning on busing there...however, my mother pointed out that its less than 10 minutes away from Wal-Mart which I already walk to. So, I guess I'll be walking. A bonus to walking (well, there are several bonuses.. but I want to point out this one) will be that I pass by Wal-Mart just about the time that My best friend should be outside having her smoke break. I mean, how awesome would that be to see my best friend everyday (ish) of the week!?! I used to only see her thursdays and then briefly (15minutes max) on Tues, Wed and Fri if I showed up an hour early to work, because that is when she got off work and was heading home.

Anyway.. needless to say... I AM SOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!
I've wanted to e-mail my new work and be like " WOOOO-HOOOOO __#__ days left!!!" as a countdown everyday since I've found out... but I'm pretty sure they'd re-think my sanity.

I should probably post an entry in here more than once a week... so that you kids (Renee...ok, and don't have to wade through my ramblings... but hey... I'll ramble if I want to ramble. (keep in mind I'm writing this after our "celebration")

I went shopping with my mom today. I bought food to bring for lunches, little snacks (good for me snacks like mini manderin oranges, carrots, snap peas and sugar peas...OH! and granola bars!) Basically, I get 30 mins for lunch, and there isn't anything RIGHT there to go buy.. so I *HAVE* to bring my lunch. Which is probably one of the best things for me. An extra 12 minutes of walking (to and from work combined) a day, healthy eating (and drinking- no easy access to pop) so, let's bring on the healthy!! Healthier leads to happier (not that I'm UN-happy... but if I can get happier, I want to!!)

Ok, feeling a little sleepy... I think I'm going to curl up on this couch and sleep.
Love you bunches Mom, Dad and Renee (since you are my only readers, I dedicate this to you. haha)


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