Saturday, November 22, 2008

Waking up early on a saturday.

Hey hey all! Long time no see.

So I'm up before 10 on a saturday. I woke up because I had to pee. No big deal, I can usually go right back to sleep after. However, I decided that throwing in a load of laundry now would probably be a great idea so that I go back to sleep, wake up in an hour and do another load.
However, I got back into bed and now here I am. Unable to close my eyes.

So... let's blog! haha

I don't really have any other news other than work.
However, work is awesome. I love it there. If I didn't have to wake up early... I would love getting up in the morning. Once I'm at work... I am happy.

Currently, there is a little drama in the workplace. Which just proves to me that there can be no work environment, big or small, without it. Its actually semi-amusing to me. Only because its the ONLY drama going on. I'm used to several at once.

Well, I'm going to keep it at that. Not bore you all to death.
Just bore you until you're almost dead...with a chance of revival.

I'm a nerd.


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