Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Boy don't try to front...

I have the new Britney Spears' song "Womanizer" stuck in my head...



So I've completed a total of 6 working days at the new job. Golly gee willikers everyone!!! I love it.

I love being in an environment that there isn't all this drama. Where you have 7 people's lives to keep track of instead of 150+. AWESOME.

So, one of my favorite stories to tell so far is from friday.
Chris, one of my bosses, comes downstairs and says "Well Nikki, you've made it a week! Do you want a beer?"
Confused, I said "Uh, no...thanks.." He continues, "Well, we normally have a beer every friday to kind of...well, celebrate the end of the week."
*sigh* WOOOOOT!!!

I just can't even explain how excited I am that I have this job. I am so lucky to work with this group of people and have this opportunity.

I am having a little trouble adjusting to this new sleeping pattern. The only nights I seem to really get it are the nights I'm just too exhausted to stay awake any longer.
I'm also oddly excited for my lunches this week. I baked some chicken tonight, and for tomorrow I made 2 chicken salad wraps. Tomorrow night, I'll put together a chicken salad, and then for friday, we'll just have to see which one I like more and make that one. lol

I haven't forgotten to make/bring a lunch yet (but 6 times isn't really a record...).
I love seeing Jacki in the mornings. Its nice, because eventhough its for only 7-15 minutes... I still get to see her... and its a good start to the day!

At Wal-mart friday night some man overdosed on heroin in the washroom... there was a code white call (first aid call) and if I still worked there... I would have been the first one to respond.
HOLY FUDGSICLES BATMAN!! Thank goodness I don't work there anymore... I still play over and over in my head what the heck I would have done.
I would have attempted to stay calm the whole time... but nuh-uhn... I don't think so.

Anyway... there are so many good things about not being at Wal-mart... however, I'm experiencing the downside currently... hoping that I won't sleep in too late. Seeing as how I haven't even planned my outfit for tomorrow (which is normally what saves me in the longrun.)

Ok, sleep attempt time. If nothing, I'll just lay here, doing nothing.

Talk to y'all soon!!

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