Sunday, November 2, 2008


Ok, Ok.... Breathe. ONE MORE DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sunday, the only day left in between now and my first day at Island Print Group.
I just can't believe it!! *DEEP BREATH*

Let's change the subject.
So last night I slept over at my parents' house, on the couch. It would have been alright if the animals didn't make so much noise. Haha. The dogs would whine, make weird noises while they were dreaming. The two younger cats would run around and play. Jasmine (the older cat) this morning she tried to act as an alarm clock by meowing this meow that can only be described as the noise you'd expect to hear when the cat is DYING. So that was interesting.
Then everyone seemed to get up around the same time, and we went out to Wendy's for lunch.
We dropped Malcolm off at home and then Renee, Mom, Dad and I went to Linens and Things. They are going out of business and so there were a few things that my mom wanted to get.
My dad and I had a blast. Talking about the George Foreman Grills... you really had to be there. haha.

After Linens n things we went and picked up Brian from work, and went home. We watched a movie about Harry Houdini. I couldn't tell you what the title was, but it was really good!

Shortly after I realized that it was Saturday (I'm kind of slow, I know) and Saturdays are Laundry Day... and I NEEDED to do laundry. So I put in a load and came back to my room to prepare the next load and I realized... my room was DISGUSTING.
So, I thought I'd do something about it.
I spent ALL night cleaning my room (yup... that bad.) It was the kind of bad where I had "cleaned up" a few times before by shoving things into my closet and under my bed... and so I had to clean up those things too. However, its DONE!! All my clothes are clean, and put away properly. I just need to vacuum. I couldn't do that at midnight.

So, yup... I'm feeling accomplished. YAY!
Ok, don't forget to roll your clocks back!! I'm going to go to sleep now! Sweet dreams!

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