Monday, August 24, 2009


Ok, let's get straight to it....


Ok, how did this come up? Well sit down folks (if you aren't already sitting) and get comfortable!

I have a week off coming up at work. I took it now because we have a girl at work who is leaving.. and so right now we have an extra staff member while were in our training/transition period. So now seemed like the perfect time.

What am I going to do this week off? Well, I'm going to sort my life out. No.. ok, kidding. But I am going to cram into those days as much of the stuff that I can't do now because I'm at work during the week when most places are open.

I am going to the eye doctor, going to attempt to find a family doctor (since mine abandoned me. She was only my doctor for 21 years... she could at least show a little dedication. HAHA) Alright.... so also... I'm going to the dentist. The last time I went to the dentist was in 2008 (yes, I am fully aware that it is the end of 2009) I had undergone a tonsilectomy approximately a week and a half prior and my heavy painkillers masked the pain of an infection in my mouth.
When I started taking less painkillers, I became more and more aware of the fact that my mouth was causing me serious agony.
I went the dentist and he told me that the infection in my tooth had become so bad that I needed a rootcanal. However, because I left it for longer than most could (thanks to codeine, codeine and more codeine) they had to do half now to release the pressure and then the rest later after I take some stuff to combat the infection. Awesome.
Oh wait, NOT AWESOME! So I had a half a root canal one day (bear in mind that I had to keep my mouth open during this and it hurt because of my throat having just had pieces cut out of it) and then about a week later I had the rest done.

Have any of you had a root canal!?!?! I shudder just at the thought of them. Scraping inside your tooth to get everything out. *vomit*

Anyway, that was my last visit. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *ahem* pleasant. yeah.

So, I have brushed my teeth to the best of my ability since then. Hoping to never need to go again. However, about 2 months ago while I was chewing gum I starting having a coppery taste in my mouth. I didn't need to look at the gum package (or the price tag) to know that I wasn't chewing "penny" gum (waahh wohhhnnn).

I made the excuse that I couldn't find time to go, since I work during their hours of operation. No excuse left now. I have to go.
I don't know about when you know you're going to the dentist... but me, I try extra hard to make sure that I don't need any heavy duty work done because there is no pain like mouth pain.

The appointment is going to be next week... so its crunch time. Brushing and brushing... but what else can I do?
Floss??? No, not that. ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!

But I'm desperate. I kid you not, I don't want to have to do more than one visit. or spend any part of my "vacation" in pain.

Here I sit, floss beside me. Having just REALLY flossed for the first time in I have no effing idea how long... and my gums are NOT happy.

So tell me? Do you floss????

Because I may floss everyday up until I go to the dentist. but I can 100% assure you that after that appointment, it won't be until the week before my next dentist appointment that I do this again.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


So i named my blog "Ramblings of a girl named Nikki".

However, i haven't really ever done a real RAMBLE.
My family sure knows I can ramble.

Let's see... first thing to come to mind.

This past saturday my sister and I painted. Yeah, that's right. Canvases. Like the pros. Ok, maybe not so much like pros... since we bought tempra paints and realized those are too watery for canvas... oops.

I compare painting to playing pool. I'm so terrible at it, but you can do it with friends and its fun!

Did you know that every saturday my sister and I hang out? We are pretty awesome. Sometimes we make plans days ahead, and sometimes she'll come and pick me up and we'll start driving without a destination in mind.

Depending on when her husband works is when we start our day together. For example, if he works at noon, she'll pick me up after dropping him off. If he works at 7, we MAY get together at 7... but most of the time... its noon. Haha.

This saturday we are hanging out after she drops him off for a 7 o'clock start. Which is good... because this is our last Saturday together before Renee starts her job.
(Oh by the way Renee, this is our last Saturday together before you start your job. haha)

The saturday after this my work is having a summer BBQ up in Nanaimo (we have two offices, one here in Victoria and one in Nanaimo!) We are going to be going to Wild Play Element Park.... should be interesting. Hahaha.

Currently, I'm uploading a video for

at the moment that I'm writing this it is not ready yet. However, I'm hoping that when you read this, it will be.

Ok, that's enough for now. I'm hungry! I have no idea what i should have.... I'll have to figure that out too. haha

Well, Toodles!

PS (I'm posting in here like a MADWOMAN! Look at me go! lol)


Tuesday, August 18, 2009



So... right at this moment I am frustrated. My head hurts. UGH!

So yesterday:

I woke up at the time I was supposed to be leaving. I went to the bathroom to dicover it was "that time" which is never a fun time. I rushed to get out of the house with enough time to jog to Tim Hortons and make it to Wal-Mart on time to meet my friends for coffee.

I don't drink my coffee until I get to work because otherwise I will spill it on me on the way to work. haha.

So I got to work and opened it up, and the lid had been marked wrong.

I figured nothing else could go wrong. Since EVERYTHING else had.
However, I was in a sour mood (probably due to the time of the month it is) and so little nitpicky things that happened between co-workers yesterday just were bigger to me.

After having what felt like a super crappy day, I got home and vented to my brother... poor Brian. By the time I was done telling the story of the day I was yelling and cursing.

My family minus my brother and brother in law went to Columbo's for dinner. I love this restaurant. Other than being expensive, there are no downsides. (ok, other the fact that the food portions are so big that even after eating half the meal I was so full I couldn't have dessert).

I had hoped that today would be a better day.
I woke up on time (I set the alarm for earlier and snoozed buttoned it up, lol) and ended up leaving super early (probably because I'm so used to rushing to get ready).
Which also meant no line up at Tim Horton's. My best friend was able to come out for her break as soon as I got there, so everything was ahead of schedule.

I even go to work about 10 minutes earlier than usual. (and I normally get to work early).

However, I got to work... and as the day is progressing, I am becoming very angry again.

At lunchtime (just about 20 minutes ago) I was confronted by one of my co-workers for having "off days". The truth of the matter is, I'm PMSing and taking things that she says negatively. Through no fault of her own she is pissing me off. I should probably apologize... because when she confronted me to see if I was alright, I just thanked her sarcastically and went about eating. What an ass. *sigh*

Oh well... I guess I deserve to be pissed off.

I think I just need some sleep. and some midol maybe. lmao.

Talk to you soon!

<3 Nikki

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Hello hello all!

So my brother made the point that I hadn't posted since BEFORE I went to Vegas.
Which is true, however I felt like the only people that read this blog are people with whom I talk. So they would have heard the stories i would tell at least once and certainly not want to read about them again.

I just now decided that I don't care. I'm going to write some down and you're welcome to leave at any time... or skip over the ones you've heard.

So my friend Jacki and I left for Vegas on a sunday. We were scheduled to arrive in Vegas just before 4 and so we figured since everywhere we had read said that our hotel was about 15-20 minutes away from the airport, we would be at our hotel no later than 5.

We got into Vancouver and I always remember customs taking FOR FREAKING EVER. So I was nervous that we had less than 2 hours to go through it all. We got through in under 20 minutes, looked at the screen for where our gate was and it said one of the words you never want to see listed beside your flight number. "DELAYED" Our plane was delayed TWO HOURS. So we now had just under 4 hours to wait until our plane left.
One of the good things that came out of this was that we found some bottles of rum for $15 when they are normally over twenty.

We got to Vegas just before 6pm and decided that since the shuttle busses were right outside, we'd take one of those. Since it was also cheaper.
BAD IDEA. It was super super super super hot. 102 when we arrived. We got on this shuttle bus that wasn't air conditioned, waited for 30 mins for the bus to be full and ended up being the LAST ones dropped off. Just over an hour later. So we arrived around 8pm to our hotel.
We were discouraged because we thought we had lost a whole chunk of good time.
It turned out, that in Vegas, it REALLY doesn't matter what time you arrive, there is ALWAYS something going on.
The place we were staying was SO BIG, that we got lost going to our room! Only on the last day did we find the shortcuts. haha.
We walked around and got lost some more. In the first 8 hours, we accomplished these things:
- Gambling
- Getting drunk
- Getting to see a live band that was REALLY good.
- Jacki won almost $700 off a $5 bill.
- Eating some of the most amazing food.
- Getting into a guest list only club.

Now, the last one has a story. We were... no way to say this eloquently... SMASHED. We went and found this place I had read about called "V Bar".... sounds like a good place to party, right? Wrong... it was a bar. like... there was a bar in it and that was it. Not to mention we were 2 of about 10 people in there. That is counting the 4 staff members. We had fun joking around with the bartenders, and then asked where the "happening" place was to dance.
They told us about this club called "Lavo". It was in the Palazzo, which is the hotel attached to the Venetian where we were staying. We follwed the signs and felt like we were getting lost... walking through the Palazzo casino..etc. However, as we were walking out of the Palazzo casino, we got free passes to Lavo. Which was a sweet deal, since we were heading there anyway.

We got there and there was a line up of young men and very pretty girls. It said "Guest List, line here". I told Jacki we should just turn around, but she was adament that we stay in the line. so we did... and watched these very pretty girls getting turned away because they weren't on the guest list. I did not want to get to the front of the line.... I was not up for rejection. The guy looks at us with this semi-disgusted look and said "you girls wouldn't happen to be on the guest list, would you?" I said no, discouraged, and started to walk away. Jacki piped in and said "Nope, but we're staying at the Venetian!" Those were apparently the magic words. He opened the rope and voila! We were in. We didn't have to pay cover because we had those cards and up the stairs we went.

This place was amazing. We went and ordered a bacardi and Coke... it cost $14!!... however, it ended up being almost a full glass of bacardi and very little coke. haha.

We danced a bunch, had a wonderful time and marvelled at the fact that we got into this guest list only place. even the bathrooms were gorgeous and had an attendant that got you papertowel for when you were done washing your hands.
We left there, feeling a combination of overwhelmed and special. It. Was. Fantastic!

We hadn't eaten dinner, so we decided to go find somewhere to eat. On our way back to our room we found this place called "The Grand Lux Cafe". The food was amazing. So amazing, in fact, that we ate almost every meal there from there on out.

That, was just the first night. Amazing.
We had so much fun. SO MUCH. I am so glad we went!!

It was very very hot, and I wouldn't suggest going during this time of year. However, I want to go back. For sure. =)

Well, its getting late... and I am tired. GOODNIGHT!!