Thursday, August 20, 2009


So i named my blog "Ramblings of a girl named Nikki".

However, i haven't really ever done a real RAMBLE.
My family sure knows I can ramble.

Let's see... first thing to come to mind.

This past saturday my sister and I painted. Yeah, that's right. Canvases. Like the pros. Ok, maybe not so much like pros... since we bought tempra paints and realized those are too watery for canvas... oops.

I compare painting to playing pool. I'm so terrible at it, but you can do it with friends and its fun!

Did you know that every saturday my sister and I hang out? We are pretty awesome. Sometimes we make plans days ahead, and sometimes she'll come and pick me up and we'll start driving without a destination in mind.

Depending on when her husband works is when we start our day together. For example, if he works at noon, she'll pick me up after dropping him off. If he works at 7, we MAY get together at 7... but most of the time... its noon. Haha.

This saturday we are hanging out after she drops him off for a 7 o'clock start. Which is good... because this is our last Saturday together before Renee starts her job.
(Oh by the way Renee, this is our last Saturday together before you start your job. haha)

The saturday after this my work is having a summer BBQ up in Nanaimo (we have two offices, one here in Victoria and one in Nanaimo!) We are going to be going to Wild Play Element Park.... should be interesting. Hahaha.

Currently, I'm uploading a video for

at the moment that I'm writing this it is not ready yet. However, I'm hoping that when you read this, it will be.

Ok, that's enough for now. I'm hungry! I have no idea what i should have.... I'll have to figure that out too. haha

Well, Toodles!

PS (I'm posting in here like a MADWOMAN! Look at me go! lol)


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