Monday, August 24, 2009


Ok, let's get straight to it....


Ok, how did this come up? Well sit down folks (if you aren't already sitting) and get comfortable!

I have a week off coming up at work. I took it now because we have a girl at work who is leaving.. and so right now we have an extra staff member while were in our training/transition period. So now seemed like the perfect time.

What am I going to do this week off? Well, I'm going to sort my life out. No.. ok, kidding. But I am going to cram into those days as much of the stuff that I can't do now because I'm at work during the week when most places are open.

I am going to the eye doctor, going to attempt to find a family doctor (since mine abandoned me. She was only my doctor for 21 years... she could at least show a little dedication. HAHA) Alright.... so also... I'm going to the dentist. The last time I went to the dentist was in 2008 (yes, I am fully aware that it is the end of 2009) I had undergone a tonsilectomy approximately a week and a half prior and my heavy painkillers masked the pain of an infection in my mouth.
When I started taking less painkillers, I became more and more aware of the fact that my mouth was causing me serious agony.
I went the dentist and he told me that the infection in my tooth had become so bad that I needed a rootcanal. However, because I left it for longer than most could (thanks to codeine, codeine and more codeine) they had to do half now to release the pressure and then the rest later after I take some stuff to combat the infection. Awesome.
Oh wait, NOT AWESOME! So I had a half a root canal one day (bear in mind that I had to keep my mouth open during this and it hurt because of my throat having just had pieces cut out of it) and then about a week later I had the rest done.

Have any of you had a root canal!?!?! I shudder just at the thought of them. Scraping inside your tooth to get everything out. *vomit*

Anyway, that was my last visit. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO *ahem* pleasant. yeah.

So, I have brushed my teeth to the best of my ability since then. Hoping to never need to go again. However, about 2 months ago while I was chewing gum I starting having a coppery taste in my mouth. I didn't need to look at the gum package (or the price tag) to know that I wasn't chewing "penny" gum (waahh wohhhnnn).

I made the excuse that I couldn't find time to go, since I work during their hours of operation. No excuse left now. I have to go.
I don't know about when you know you're going to the dentist... but me, I try extra hard to make sure that I don't need any heavy duty work done because there is no pain like mouth pain.

The appointment is going to be next week... so its crunch time. Brushing and brushing... but what else can I do?
Floss??? No, not that. ANYTHING BUT THAT!!!

But I'm desperate. I kid you not, I don't want to have to do more than one visit. or spend any part of my "vacation" in pain.

Here I sit, floss beside me. Having just REALLY flossed for the first time in I have no effing idea how long... and my gums are NOT happy.

So tell me? Do you floss????

Because I may floss everyday up until I go to the dentist. but I can 100% assure you that after that appointment, it won't be until the week before my next dentist appointment that I do this again.

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mom said...

Silly goose. Floss so you dont have to have anything done at any time because your teeth are so well attended!