Sunday, September 6, 2009


So it feels like not too long ago that I just went to Vegas.... however, I had one more week to take for vacation and figured that this would be a good time to take it.

We are losing a girl at work and so she was still here to help the new girl... therefore, a good time to go.

When i booked this time off, I thought it may be a waste of time. Lots of sleeping perhaps... but it has actually turned out to be action packed, with not a day wasted!

If you're on my facebook you may have seen my photo updates every day with what I took pictures of that day.

Monday I went to the dentist in the morning. To learn that I have healthy teeth, I just need to go back twice to get the pits of my teeth filled.
Afterwards, Renee, Malcolm and I went to Saxe Pointe to walk the rocks.

Tuesday, I went to have lunch with Jacki. I forgot my wallet at home and was really embarrassed when i got to the counter. So I had coffee and a croissant thanks to Jacki. After that I walked back home, got my wallet and then walked to the bus stop to take a bus downtown to meet Juli! We shopped, had lunch then went to her house for board game, grocery shopping, and then made dinner. I was there until almost 2 am.

Wednesday, my mom came to pick me up around 10am. We went to Tim Hortons and I got coffee and timbits. Then we started our drive upto Nanaimo. I was getting my tea leaves read at this place called the calico cat. We had the reading, then drove back down, stopping at the Duncan WalMart and a vegetable market.

Thursday I had an eye doctor's appointment. I have been worried because far away has been feeling further away lately. Apparently, I have 20/20 vision, and I can struggle to read 20/15. Sooooooo, needless to say, my eyes are fine.
The eye doctor told me that if I ever need glasses, he predicts it will be in 20 years. After the eye doctor, i came back home and watched the third season of Dexter (almost all of them) with my brother. After that, board game weekend started!

Friday I got up around 11:30 and my mom picked me up for lunch. She and I went to Floyd's for lunch, and it was her first time eating there. We sat beside the fish tank which actually provided lots of entertainment. After lunch, my mom and I went shopping. She dropped me off at my house just before 3:30, and at 3:30 I had to leave so I could meet Juli downtown by 4pm. We did stuff around downtown. She got bored really easily, and it was a grand 'ol time. at 7:30 we were meeting Ryan Tandy and his girlfriend so that we could go back to Juli's house and play board games. We ended up playing Scattegories and that was a blast! Just after 10pm, Renee came to pick me up and we went back to my house to play board games. Fun day!

Saturday, Renee came to pick me up and we went for lunch. Then we drove to Kinsmen Park and just walked around there and sat and watched these kayakers go through this part against a really strong current. We made a bit of a game out of it and I lost. hahaha. Then we came back to my house, played some table pool and then I got ready to leave to go to Sam's BBQ. Sam's BBQ was a lot of fun. Renee was nice (or crazy) enough to come pick Brian and I up from the party and drive us home. It was great!

Today, I am super tired. there are so many mistakes in this and I just plum don't feel like re-reading it to correct them. haha.
I feel like taking a nap. hahaha. Board games are going on right now. However, they are playing the ones that need thinking to happen. I am unable to do that right now.

Glad we had this chat.

talk to you later!


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