Monday, October 26, 2009

Reviews and job related things.


My name is Nikki.
I have a job. Do you have a job?

I'm not bragging if you don't. I'm just making conversation.

So at this job that I have, I'm coming up on my one year anniversary.

I was given a sheet today to fill out for my review. If you've never had to fill one of these out (lucky duck), it is basically a form that asks you to evaluate your performance over the specified amount of time. In my case, the past year.

Now there are a few ways to go when filling out a self-evaluation.
You could sit there and praise yourself for all the work you've done.
You could find all your faults and write them down.
You could lie.
You could tell the truth.
You could eat cheese.... oh wait. Scratch that.

The list goes on. So what do you choose? *cough* cheese *cough*
I obviously want to be 100% truthful. However, I don't feel comfortable praising myself. (I know that may come as a bit of a shock to some of you, heh.) I mean, none of us are perfect but I don't want to sell myself short for any reason. I don't want to sound cocky either... so where is the happy medium?

I have until friday to think this through. I'm sure I will come up with what I want to bring across to them.

With my review comes a lunch out with the bosses (well, 2 of the 3). Which will be a great time to talk about what my new position really is and about how I think things are going "downstairs".

Speaking of new positions... I GOT A PROMOTION!

I mean, *clears throat* I got a promotion.
One of the girls I worked with (let's call her MmeAwesome) had to leave and we replaced her position.. but she was doing above and beyond her position for a very long time. When I first got hired, we had 3 girls (including myself) "downstairs" doing admin work. A little less than a month after I got there, the 3rd girl left and MmeAwesome and I were by ourselves.
We only went a month and a bit like this until we hired someone new. MmeAwesome tried to train her... but this was just not the right job for her, so mid-march this new girl left. After that, MmeAwesome and I fended for ourselves. We were doing amazingly well (if you ask me) and everything was hunky-dorie. Then, MmeAwesome springs on us that she is going to be leaving probably in October. Her husband's job was going to be taking them away and so we were going to need to replace her, and not the position that remained open.
We found a replacement who started beginning of July (Let's call her... Enna) and while Enna can do the job as it is supposed to be, there was no way we could expect her to completly fill MmeAwesome's shoes as MmeAwesome had the experience that helped her do all the other jobs that needed to get done. So it came time to fill that third spot. I had never thought of that third spot to be "above" mine. As it never crossed my mind. However, in actuality it is. It is the last line of defense before things go out the door.
The day MmeAwesome was leaving, my bosses offered me the job.
It would have been silly to train the person above me... and I really would have felt more comfortable being the last line of defense anyway. So of course I said yes.

We hired a newbie who we will call "Newbie" for now... as she has only completed one week at my work.

TRAINING IS HARD! Just in case you were wondering. It is difficult to plan a timeframe for things to get done when you don't know how long it will take someone to do something. It is hard to guage where a person is in the training until you let them try on their own and make mistakes. It is interesting to see the things you find easy, be hard to others and the things you thought they would find difficult seem easy to them!

I just find that time runs away from me while I'm training. Trying to stay on top of everything I would normally do while training someone to do it is just the most absurd juggling act ever.

Ok... this is long... but I'm glad I got to write my some of my feelings out. PHEW!


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