Thursday, October 23, 2008

Administrative Assistant

Hello Again!

Well, I find myself back here almost exactly a week ago from my last post.
I've been back here to type quite a few times and then been distracted by something and left.

So news??? YES!! Approximately 7 hours after I posted that last blog I listened to a message on my voicemail that went something like this: (names changed so I could write "Names changed" in my blog)

"Hi! This is Kayla from Island Print Group and I just wanted to call to say that we would love to offer you the job! So if you want to come in today to go over the job description and make sure that you're happy with it, we'd be glad to hear from you!"

I was ecstatic! For my whole lunch break I just bounced around... calling people and texting people. I felt like screaming, crying, laughing hysterically, and EVERY SINGLE EMOTION you could think of, ALL at the same time.

Of course I called my mom first. Haha... who wouldn't? Then i called my new employer back and said YES. My mom told me that she would make me some chili for dinner in celebration... things couldn't be better.

So after work, I go to IPG (Island Print Group) and I talk it up with Kayla and one of the owners, I meet all the staff... I also got to read over my job description, sign this lovely paper that says "Dear Nikki, we'd love for you to work with us...etc" and then got a tour.
On this tour, they say "Oh, let's show you your desk! We start walking towards this dinky little desk in the corner of an open file room and I just KNEW that would be it. NOPE! We walked right past it!!
We stop at the most gigantic office desk one could ever imagine. I seriously don't know what I'd do with all that space (hopefully not make it super dirty.. haha).
Anywho... so they gave me the introductry wattle bottle in the colour of my choice (Pink...of course) and then told me a little more about the company.
I'm seriously just super excited. OH MY GOODNESS!!!
I start on Monday November 3rd.

Now onto my next dilemma. WAL-MART.
I had always thought that i would stay there and work the weekends or something parttime. Just until I knew I was comfortable at the new job.... So I still figured that, told IPG that and went over to my mom's house with that in mind.

So I walk into my Parents' house to the smell of chili... OH, it smelled so wonderful. I get closer to the top of the stairs and smell CAKE. My mom baked me a "Congrats Nikki" cake with PINK icing. My mom is way too good to me.
I just ramble on and on to my mother about my new job, how wonderful its going to be and how excited I am.
My mom told me several times that day how proud of me she was... and man, did I ever feel special. Then came the question (or more of a statement)
"So you're quitting Wal-mart?" She said all proudly, which I could only reply with "No, I think i'll stay there for Friday nights and Saturday days."
She got this look on her face like are you crazy!?! "Well, I can't really leave Wal-mart around Christmas time mom" "Its not your problem what time of year it is Nikki"
So then started the debate. My sister came home and talked about it too. They both told me to "Grow some balls."

Now we've been trying to get Renee to quit Wal-mart for a while now. She is going to school full-time and working part-time. She went to quit one day and then got talked into just cutting down her hours. So I jokingly said to her "Well, I'll quit if you quit." and she looked at me, smiled and said "Ok!" and walked right over to the computer and printed off her resignation letter.
So, I went right after her and printed off mine.

Now, I can't tell you how much strength it took to actually go through with this. Wal-Mart is BURNED into my sub-cranium. I know Wal-mart like the back of my hand. I am totally into it. haha. I know the culture. I know how people are affected just by one person's actions. I just don't have the function "Quit Wal-Mart" downloaded in my brain. However, I'm doing it.

Friday is my last day. This friday. Like... I have two shifts left at Wal-Mart kinda of friday.
I have almost cried at work approx. 3 times over saying goodbye to people and tomorrow (well today, due to the time...) should be my hardest day.
I have to tell my safety team that this is my last meeting--- EVER with them. I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it.
This is *my* team. We're a TEAM... like, we don't function without all our parts.
I'm going to miss them all so much and PLEAD with them to continue our work.
I already know of one person who isn't remaining with the team because I'm leaving.... and I hope that's not a trend. This team is my baby. I've worked to develop *us* for 2 years. We work... in our own quirky little way. *sigh*

ANYWAY... I always go on for WAY too long on these posts. I'll make one much smaller one of these days. haha.

Also, I have to BE AT work in 4 hours... so I'd best be getting to sleep.
Thanks for reading! (renee.... c'mon, I know you're the only one. haha)


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