Saturday, December 20, 2008

Hello hello! Welcome to the lovely holiday season.
Of retarded drivers, angry shoppers and snow.

*sigh* I just plum don't understand why people have to be so angry. My sister and I went to Wal-mart today just to pick up her pictures from the portrait studio and OH MY GOODNESS! I do not miss retail one bit. Not one! These people are so very angry. I mean, I see it every year... why do people wait to do ALL of their Christmas shopping until the weekend before??? I'm not saying I'm much better. I only started my shopping Tuesday... but I was in and out. Finished. I don't know how people can stand the crowds. Oh right, they don't.... they just get super-de-dooper angry at the other people.

My friend said that today on her lunch break, (she works retail) there were people having a SCREAMING match over a parking spot. This is supposed to be a holly, jolly season. "The best time of the year". 
Say hello to friends you know and have a cup of CHEER! 

Renee and I decided that we are going to do our shopping in November. I suggested Jan/Feb since that's the deadest time in retail. haha. Perhaps that might be too early... 
If you do go out, just promise me you won't hip check  someone. Be patient... and be REALLY nice to the people who are working there... they have to deal with all the arseholes who have forgotten they are people too.

HAPPY Holidays everyone!! 


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