Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I get knocked down, but I get up again.

Isn't it funny, how bad foods don't make us feel any better, but we eat/crave them anyway? It’s a vicious cycle. You eat something unhealthy, you feel lethargic, you don’t exercise, then you eat something unhealthy because now you crave it = more lethargic…etc.
We forget so easily how GOOD it feels to eat well and exercise. It was so simple to fall back into a trap of eating poorly. I was even able to find excuses not to exercise, or would just go for a short walk and not challenge my body. I was EVEN tempted to start up smoking again (and may have had a few).

From left to right: Me, Sean & Renee
After Deep Waterfit Monday night
I would even remark after eating an unhealthy meal just how gross it made me feel… but then I’d just do it again!

The month of July: I totally fell FLAT on my face off the health 'plan'. I kept telling myself “It’s ok, people make mistakes. You can eat healthy tomorrow.” Or “You’re allowed a break from the plan, you've been doing so well.” This would be ok if I had done this for MAXIMUM one long weekend. The long weekend turned into a week, which joined into the next weekend, then I went camping, then I went away to Vancouver. I hit ‘the bottom’ hard and it REALLY shows on the scale. I gained 11lbs back this month. Yup, it came back that quickly.

Being unhealthy doesn't just wreak havoc physically. I posted a new picture of myself on Facebook that Sean took of me. I received a wave of congrats’ and wows, but my initial reaction was to write back “This must just be a flattering angle. I’m really not doing that well .”
I honestly didn't feel like I deserved any congrats. I wasn't living healthy, I wasn't treating my body properly and I didn't feel fit.

Yesterday, Sean and I hit an imaginary RESET button. I ate healthy for the entire 24hrs and went to Deep Waterfit with him and my sister. I’m trying not to have/follow through with ridiculous thoughts like “No Treats for 4 weeks!” or “No carbs for as long as physically possible!” and to remember that a healthy balance is all that is necessary to create a routine again.

Even ONE day back “on plan” changed the focus for me. Ok, I royally screwed up this month. Should it have happened? No, but it did. I’m not going to give myself any awards for hopping back on the plan, and in turn, I’m not going to kick myself for falling off. I've already paid by feeling horrible and lethargic.

Remember, that progress is progress. You don’t need to kick yourself for making mistakes, you just need to learn from them.
Eating unhealthy doesn't make me feel good. And I need to remember that.

On a fun note:
 Here is my latest "Before/After" photo!

Before/After Weightloss

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