Friday, June 7, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 106!

I just realized that since we're at week 106... We've passed the TWO YEAR mark with #PositiveThurs. WOW!
I can't believe it! That is freaking AMAZING!

I just want to first say that you all have influenced my life in only the most positive of ways. I am so grateful for all of you!!

Secondly, I wanted to remind you that it's ok to make a typo! While the "OFFICIAL" hashtag is #PositiveThurs, I check PositiveThurs, PositiveThursday, PostiveThurs, PositveThurs, PostiveThursday, PositveThursday, PositiveThrus.... ETC. I think you get the point. :) I try to make sure I don't miss any misspellings of the tag!

OK, let's get into it! Do more of what makes you AWESOME!!

After reading this, I have the song stuff in my head. Making me SMILE!

Love this reminder:

What an AMAZING thing that @HeroWork has done for the Mustard Seed!!!

THIS, Tikki, looks like heaven on EARTH!


Waves/Large bodies of water are my 'peaceful place.' It's a good thing I live on an island! :)

You are all so amazing! Here are the AWESOME tweets shared by our fabulous community!

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