Saturday, May 23, 2009

My Special Day

Hello everyone!

There is this show on TLC that I'm sure most of you have heard of.
"Jon and Kate Plus Eight" A show that follows the days in the lives of Jon and Kate, parents to two sets of multiples, twin girls and a sextuplet - 3 boys 3 girls.

They've been running a marathon of the shows this weekend and I've been using the episodes as background noise as I surf the internet, paying only a little attention.
On some of today's episodes they were taking the kids one by one on what they would call a "Special Day". Where the kid got to choose where they wanted to go with just their mom and dad.

Well, today was my special day(! My brother was at work and my sister and her husband are in Disneyland celebrating their 1st wedding anniversary(which happens to be today!). Which meant that I got to hang out with my parents all day.

We started by going the Eugene's for lunch. Its a greek restaurant that makes DEEEEEEEE-licious greek food, Pork Souvlaki being my favourite.
Then we went to the Saanich Plaza so they could book they trip to Jamaica, to celebrate their 30th wedding anniversary in September (which I didn't mind them taking this time for themselves on my special day, I mean, if they hadn't gotten married I never would be there. Hahaha)
**[there also is this minute side note that it wasn't actually labeled as my special day. heh]**

We picked up Brian and my dad treated us all to ice cream from Baskin Robbins. mmmmm, Double scoop on a waffle cone of mint chocolate chip and chocolate chip cookie dough. So yummy!

We came home for a little bit and then went to see the new Star Trek movie. This was my parents' second time going and my first. It was so good!!
After the movie we went to the store to pick up some milk and hotdog buns and came home and I made us hot dogs for dinner (I know, I am such a chef cooking such a difficult meal. haha).

We called my sister right after dinner to wish her and her husband a happy anniversary and now, after I've finished writing this blog my mom and I (maybe dad?) will play monopoly on

Well, I should go now... I feel like it was a great "Special Day" and I am thankful to be able to spend that kind of time with my parents!

Goodnight all!

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