Wednesday, October 27, 2010

iPhone - Twitter Blog

I'm pretty sure it was my father who retweeted someone who said that twitter was like blogging for lazy people.
Ever since I thought that I would actually write a blog post. However I never think about it while I'm on my laptop, and let's be honest... Typing a blog post on an iPhone would be ridiculous.
HOWEVER! I am currently doing that for you. So please disregard my typos... Or words that don't necessarily make sense in the sentence because auto-correction chose a completely different word from the one that you would have been able to guess if the typo had remained. Don't get me wrong, auto-correction does more good than bad ( for me at least ).

Ok, so what I came to talk about...
My bosses mentioned today that they would like to take the company into the direction of joining social media. (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, A blog? )
They mentioned that it might be something I could spearhead. Which is both super exciting and frightening. It's cool because I would love to see our company expand to meet all types of clientel. I imagine that there are many of our customers who - to them - we are just a faceless supplier of that one thing they always get from us. Perhaps they have no idea we do both print and promotional products. There are so many positives to this "new direction". However, let's be honest, to be in charge of the company's online identity is frightening! It will be a huge undertaking, but I think I'm more excited than frightened.
One thing that I don't want it to affect is my own personal social media. I barely blog post, I squeeze one YouTube video out a week, I tweet probably the most boring updates. Lol
I just don't want to come home from work unwilling to participate in shaping my online identity because I've been busy shaping the company's.
Oh who am I kidding, I <3 social media!

Random final thought/pet peeve: I wish the radio DJ of the station we are currently listening to at work would stop calling it "twitting" instead of tweeting.

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