Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Excitingly Scared

Have you ever been so excited about something but at the same time nervous and scared?

A chapter of my life is about to complete and I am about to start another one. I am so excited for all the new possibilities it can bring me. There is always a catch to 'possibilities' though, don't you think? You have to set them into action yourself. You have to commit to those changes and you have to stick with them. I am nervous about failing myself and my expectations of myself. I'm also scared of the unknowns.

I am feeling stressed thinking about the work I will need to put into this month, and the changes to my life beginning the next. How I want to make all these changes for the better. Thinking about how I'll feel if I don't succeed in those changes.

However, as I stood in my room folding the clothes I have decided to keep but can do without for this next month, I decided to make myself a deal. Now, this deal is kind of strange, but stay with me here...

I have made a deal with myself to be positive.

Being positive makes me happy. So if I can do my best to stay positive through all these changes, no matter how stressful or frustrating life may get, then in the end I am still happy. Of course I'm still going to try hard and achieve all these goals I have for myself. I just don't want to dwell on what can go wrong. I want to focus on all the good things this change means for me.

So there you have it. Another Ramble from a girl named Nikki.

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