Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mobile Technologies & My Family

I’m always amazed at how quick my parents are to adopt new technologies. Thanks to my dad’s job, growing up we always had at least one computer in the house.

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In today’s society, everything is moving at an incredible pace. Changing, evolving into version 2.0, 3.0, 4.0... I hear stories and see first-hand those 1-2 generations ahead of mine struggling to adopt new technologies and understand their usefulness. Not my parents – nope! In fact, my dad has usually heard of the newest app, program, gadget..etc. before I have and is informing ME about them. Not the other way around – and I love it!

What sparked this post was that my mom and dad are leaving on a trip this Saturday and my mom created an itinerary to send to all us kids. She created it in Excel and it is very well put together. When we all went out to dinner last night to celebrate my dad's birthday (Happy Birthday Daddy!), she apologized that it wasn’t viewable on our iPhones. Yes, that ACTUALLY happened. My mom realizes the convenience and use of mobile technologies. So what was waiting in inbox this morning? A PDF version of their itinerary viewable on my iPhone.

Although, admittedly, my favorite part of last night at dinner was when the waiter came over and said "Do any of you NOT have an iPhone?" and when I looked up from my phone we were all on our phones checking in, reading twitter or playing a game. We were still all talking, so I don't think any of us noticed!

My family is so cool. I love how I don’t have to explain tech to them and I can just geek out with them.

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