Sunday, March 1, 2009

Click here Daddy!

Well hello hello there!

Fancy meeting you here. Its been a little while, hasn't it? Not to be confused with a long while... just a little one.

I'm in a bit of a weird mood, as you may have noticed. I am not 100% sure why. Nor do I have the slightest idea.

I've had a marvelous weekend thus far and tomorrow is looking to be pretty spectacular itself! Friday, i went to the bank, my sister and I went to the gym, I paid rent, went out to dinner with my family and then came home and watched a bunch of episodes of the fourth season of House with my brother then went to sleep.

Saturday, I woke up... lazed around until 10:45, rushed to get ready, Renee picked me up, we went to the gym, went to the mall to have lunch, met Jacki there, we went to a travel agency where we learned that is was just as inexpensive to book through this lady as it is to book online (and feels a lot more secure), jacki and I went grocery shopping (for her...although why I didn't pick up groceries at the same time is beyond me) and then she dropped me off at home. (It is so hard to do such long run on me)
We left with the idea that she would go home, shower, and eat then come back and we'd go out to play pool in the evening. Its a good thing I didn't scour the internet and post a blog on a forum to see if I could find another place to play pool other than the one downtown because she doesn't like to go downtown, only to have her cancel on me because she suddenly realized she had to get up early in the morning. Oh wait.... all that happened.

Do I sound bitter?? I hope so, because I was trying.

Anyway, so then Brian made a wonderful dinner and we watched movies all night.
One of them was TERRIBLE. Another one we were unable to finish due to technical difficulties (eventhough neither of us were TOO sad that we didn't get to finish it),and out of the other two we watched, the last one was the best... but both were good!

As far as the weekend goes... that just leaves "tomorrow" (since I haven't gone to sleep yet, its not Sunday for me). Tomorrow Renee, Malcolm, Brian and I are going BOWLING! Yes, bowling. In Duncan... I wish I could explain to you how excited I am... but that would be just silly, wouldn't it? Cause all you need to know is that I am. haha.

Ok... I think I need at least *some* sleep or else Renee will be driving "by herself" tomorrow morning since all of us will be sleeping. haha.


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Christian Thibodeau said...

Thanks to your title, I was able to come and read your blog. Thanks :P