Sunday, March 22, 2009

A wonderful day

So yesterday my sister and I started our day at 7am. We went to the gym and finished around quarter to 9.

We went through the Tim Horton's drive thru to grab a coffee and a breakfast item and then headed to Esquimalt Lagoon.

(This is the picture Renee took... the one I took of her won't send to my e-mail because it HATES me.... I'll try to get it up here later)

Renee and I did some Yoga on the beach, heh. We stayed there, skipping rocks (well attempting to) and talking until after 10.
We decided that it was time to go somewhere else.
We got in the car and decided that we'd go take a walk around Thetis Lake. On the way there, I was talking about how one weekend I want to drive to Nanaimo just to see my work's Nanaimo office. I'm curious like that. haha.
We get to Thetis and Renee says "Do you want to go now?"

Next thing we know, we're on a drive upto Nanaimo. We spent the hour and a half on the way up singing along to music.
We must have taken a wrong turn somewhere, because we got lost. We both had to pee REALLY REALLY BADLY by now and luckily saw a Starbucks up on the right, so we stopped there.
Instead of asking directions, we started using the GPS in Renee's phone to find the office... it took us to a dead end street and asked us to keep going forward, it tried to take us down another no exit road... but in the end, we found it!

Admittedly, it was less interesting than I had built it up in my mind.
Nowhere on the building does it say what it is. Its just... there. So then Renee and I drove around looking for the Woodgrove Centre. We got lost, again. Using the GPS since we knew that the Wal-Mart was in that shopping Centre, so we just inputed the Wal-Mart.
In the middle of a busy street, the phone told us that we had arrived.... we were no where NEAR the Wal-Mart. So we just drove. Its nice not having somewhere to be, getting lost and not caring.
We did end up finding the mall, we went in... and I found THE CUTEST Betty Boop carry-on luggage. Seriously... this thing is GORGEOUS!! We went and ate and we went to Wal-Mart so Renee could get a copy of Twilight. Both of us ended up finding two shirts and then we left to get home.

We got back to Victoria around 3:45, and I got home around 4pm. I had half an hour to get ready before Jacki was coming to pick me up and we ( her son, two of his friends, Jacki and I) were going to Red Robin for dinner and then to a movie.
She was a little late, which is completely uncharacteristic...haha. Which is why its worth mentioning. haha

We went to the movie theatre to see Watchmen. It was long, but good. The 3 boys didn't understand it and Jacki seemed to want it to end the whole time. heh. It was late when we got out and so she took me home. I stayed up until Brian got home a little after midnight and then promptly fell asleep.

All in all, it was a WONDERFUL day!!

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