Thursday, February 11, 2010

Time flies... when you're having fun?

Well, I was being so good for a while. Alas, I relapsed into not posting again for a while.... However, the point is not all is forgotten, right?? err... maybe that is wrong.... GOSH DARNIT LET'S JUST CONTINUE WITH THE POST.

Forgive me... I'm feeling sappy right now.

So on Tuesday I had my 23rd birthday. I have to admit that while this year I didn't spend the month leading up to it counting down the days like I normally do, I think I enjoyed the day a whole lot more than before.

It was just all around a day where I truly felt appreciated and loved. Not that I generally feel under appreciated, just that my birthday was certainly special.

I knew people were thinking about me. Whether they made me a big meal of my choosing and baked me a cake, or baked me a huge tray of cupcakes and dropped them off at my work, or took me out to lunch, or posted a message on my facebook wall, or remembered that one time I mentioned that I loved this cute little doll and bought it for me, or got me a ticket to see a band that I've been listening to since I was young, or picked out and bought me necklaces that suit me perfectly, or called me and left me a message singing me happy birthday eventhough we haven't talked in many many months.... ok I think you get the point. A lot of cool things happened for my birthday.

One thing that was cool was that a friend of mine who always gets me these funny cards... like the one that said "Haven't you always wanted a card with WIENER on it?" on the front and then on the inside "Me too. WIENER WIENER WIENER. You're Welcome. Happy birthday." Instead of that kind of card she got me one of those cards that you know could only come from Hallmark.
On the front it reads "When I look back over this past year, I can really see how important you are to me. So many times you were there to listen, advise, and encourage. And I can't begin to let you know how much I appreciate that."
INSIDE: "As far as I'm concerned, all you have to do is be yourself and you add so much to my life. Enjoy your day"

Yes, I cried. Maybe not in front of her.... but I cried at home when reading it over again. I love this card.

Well, the big reason for this post is to thank you. Thank you so much for everything the people in and around my life continue to give to me. Through your actions, appreciation, support and caring I am who I am today. And I've got to say: I think you guys helped me turn out alright.

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Renée said...

I cried too. Right now. Cause you are awesome. And just a little bit.... okay a lot, Fantastic.