Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Chocolate Bar Challenge!

So about one week ago I was in a convienience store with my brother and father and my brother decided he wanted a chocolate bar. Even the mention of this made me want one.

So I went over and thought to myself that I would try something new. I saw this chocolate bar from Cadbury called "Sweet Marie"

So when reading what it was, it was basically the same as an Oh Henry bar.

So I decided to buy both and see which one was better.
I finally got around to it today and here are my conclusions.

I ate some of each and decided that the Oh Henry bar ruled all. However, I knew which one was which and thought that it might influence my opinion.
Luckily, my brother was home and he had two friends over!

So I cut them into 3 pieces each and brought them over on a plate. The only visual difference is that one was flat and one was tall. Otherwise, they looked very similar.

"Tall" was proclaimed by each boy separately.
So, 4 out of 4 people chose the Oh Henry.

Also, reading the nutritional value, with a comparison of 62.5grams from OH and 60grams from SM, Oh henry is better for you than the Sweet Marie!!!

I don't know what you're doing differently Oh Henry, but you're doing it right. haha

So if you're in the corner store and looking at a Sweet Marie or an Oh Henry, I suggest picking up the Oh Henry. Even if it's more expensive.

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