Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Posting just to post???

This blog is called "The ramblings of a girl named Nikki". It is time for one of those such rambles and to see what comes out of it.

I find people to be very interesting.
As my mom would gladly tell you, from a very young age I was nosey. My mom said that when I was in the hospital right after being born I would stay up and watch the other babies.... so they had to put a blanket over so I would go to sleep. "Nosey Rosie" is not an unfamiliar term. I find sweet satisfaction in knowledge.

People always told me "Curiousity Killed the Cat" and I'd respond "Yes, but Satisfaction brought him back!"

I love to people watch. I love to see other people's reactions to different situations. Doesn't matter if it is the body language of someone who is standing at the bus stop alone, or someone who is being praised for their accomplishments, I love seeing it. Does this make me weird?? Maybe. However it has also helped me in many things.

I can normally guess how someone's feeling or how they'll react to certain things with pretty good accuracy. It helped when I worked at Wal-Mart because a customer would come up and I'd almost immediately be able to start planning my course of action. If they were just inquisitive, angry, confused...etc.
Anyway, I love to learn things about people. It scratches an itch for me.

THE END! haha


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