Monday, October 17, 2011

Facebook: How do YOU use it?

When I use a tool in one way, I sometimes forget that the way it is used is as unique as the person using it. I've recently had a few discussions with friends and acquaintances about Facebook. Here are a few uses that have come up in conversation.

Staying "In The Know"
I had lunch with a couple of high school friends this weekend and one thing they said stuck out. "Facebook makes the idea of a 10 year reunion pointless." While I would still love to see everyone in the flesh for a reunion, they make a good point. Facebook is a great way for staying informed on what your friends are doing. Same is true for a reunion, finding out what your friends have been up to. For my generation, it would be strange to see one of my fellow graduates not on Facebook.

There are those that have a Facebook account, but the only thing that seems to bring them back there are their Farms, their Restaurants and Monopoly. You won't see any updates from them unless they need your help to unlock the next level!

                                      Business Page
One of my favorite uses of Facebook that I've seen recently has been by Tourism Nanaimo. They ran the "Amazing Nanaimo Getaways". It was a great way for people to see the things that Nanaimo has to offer and to bring some new people to the city. The only thing I didn't like about this contest was that I didn't win!

Daily Ritual
Yep, there are those people for which Facebook isn't an option. They log on every morning, noon and night. They don't live without it and it's their source for the news. They love to tell you exactly what they're doing and they are active on commenting and liking your posts.

There are so many different ways that Facebook is used. I actually don't fall into any of these categories. Do you?

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