Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Smiles are infectious!

Every morning when I'm walking to work I see the same people. Among them are the gas station attendant, the man walking his dog, the woman who power walks past me and the old man who is always walking up the hill.

When I first moved to the area, whenever I passed the old man on the hill we'd slightly smile at each other. The polite kind of smile which means that you won't bump into the other person. We progressed to a bigger smile and head nod. One morning, I was in a particularly good mood and I said "Good morning!" in my chipper cheery 'You'd hate me if you're not a morning person' voice. His smile got SO big! Ever since, we both always say Good Morning as we pass by. 
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I've started getting up a little earlier and didn't see him for a couple of mornings. I was actually a little sad because I enjoy our short exchange. The next time I saw him he was on the other side of the road. I guess he must cross the street further up the hill. DILEMMA: Do I still smile? Will he be able to see me smiling since it's getting to be so dark in the morning? Do I just ignore him now that we're not on the same side of the road?

My decision? I waved. Yep, you read that right. I waved. You know, the kind of wave like you know the person. He stopped, turned to me and with a giant smile he waved back while yelling "Good Morning!" MY smile was so big. Now, every morning, we wave to each other and yell "Good Morning" over top the traffic.

Today, I felt my heart fill up a little. Corny, I know... but I actually felt it.
If a wave and smile can have that effect, think of how easy it would be for you to positively affect others

My elementary school principal used to say "Smiles are infectious, so go out and spread some!"
What are you waiting for?

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