Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Brain: Enemy #1

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Blog post worthy runs usually happen when I don’t find time to blog about them. I’m finding time now, so join me as we venture back in time a little…

I had taken Thursday as a rest day and since one of the #LetsGetPhysical rules is you can’t go two days in a row without working out; it meant I had to go for a run. I was NOT up for it. My legs were sore, I was cranky and I knew that the run was going to be hard. A hard thing about working out is overcoming the mental “I don’t wannas” or “This is going to suck” and trying to remember how good it feels to just get out there. However, some days your brain will play a lot of tricks on you. Friday was one of those days. I forced myself to get changed and strap on my runners. I was doing a couple of light stretches and then BAM: Started Crying.

Yup, up until this point I was beating my brain. Telling it that it wasn’t the boss and I was going to do this anyway. Touché brain, Touché. Crying was a good ‘last ditch effort’ on your part.
At this point I REAAAAAAAAAAALLY didn’t want to go now. I had makeup running down my face and I was still sore and still cranky. LUCKILY, my boyfriend was there. He didn’t give me a “You’re freaking crazy.” face, or leave the room to get away from the madness: He hugged me and said “Want me to come with you?” I hope that man realizes what an amazing guy he is. Not 15 minutes before this he was telling me how sore he was from his workout but he was willing to come out with me.

I just soaked in a little more of his hug, wiped the tears off my face and went for it. Guess what? It was fine! I went at a slow pace, went for a longer run than I had planned and the whole time I was mentally high-fiving myself for getting out there. So - take that BRAIN.

Sometimes our brains try to trick us. That’s why it’s important to have a few simple rules in place that will help you get out the door.  Remember: It’s not what you do, it’s that you do it.

Side Note:
A couple people have asked me if they can start using ‘#LetsGetPhysical’ for their exercise efforts. My response: C’mon – do you REALLY have to ask!?! If you want to start tweeting about your workouts and use the #LetsGetPhysical  tag, I will only be extremely touched and crazy amounts of excited for you. So basically use it at your own risk.

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