Friday, February 13, 2009

Lunch Time Blog

Its a beautiful day in the neighbourhood, a beautiful day for a neighbour... would you be mine? Would you be mine?


Well hello hello all.
Welcome back to the lunchtime blog. The part of the show where Nikki is bored during her lunchtime!

Ok, maybe I'm on some crazy drugs or something... no, really I'm not. I swear.
I think I'm just high on life. HAHA, ok. SERIOUSLY NOW.

I'm on my lunch break from work. I've eaten a spectacular lunch that I REALLY enjoyed (eventhough I made it myself) that was made possible by my father who drove me to Thrifty's last night to get tortillas! Thanks Dad!

I've checked my e-mail. This was a bust. A couple of YOutube comments. One good, one bad.
I've checked my facebook. Poked Juli. Read Status'
I read my cousin's wife's blog, and had already seen those videos on FAILblog... but hadn't read her post from thursday and so I caught up on that.

I'm hoping for a good weekend... I'm thinking sleep might be an awesome option after going to the gym tonight.
I've been super tired all week, and I think it might be residual from the cold I had at the start of the week. Tomorrow is also gym time. Then who knows what!
I've been invited to go with one of my friends to some fundraiser... so we'll see!

Then Sunday, it'll be a time where the family gets together, has some lunch.. and misses the fact that there is no NFL to watch together. Heh.

Well, I hope you enjoyed this lunchtime blog... if not, that's too bad!
At least it took up the time I needed to spend on lunch!

<3 Nikki

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