Sunday, February 8, 2009

Remember When?

So for those who are just joining us (umm... hello? anyone new? no? Oh well, I'll pretend) I have decided to start this Remember When section of my blog. Where I tell you stories from my past. Ones that have recently popped into my mind maybe for no paricular reason... but they are there.

This one is short and sweet.
I remember when my grandparents from my dad's side used to call us from Quebec. I was always so worried of not speaking well in french to them, so I would just let them ask yes or no questions... I'm sure they would have loved if I elaborated... but for the most part I would just say "Oui. *pause* Oui"...etc.

My grandmaman just passed away last year and her facebook account is still up. Most of you who use facebook will know that when its someone's birthday, in the sidebar on your homepage it'll show their name and their birthday. Well my grandmaman's birthday was yesterday... and I was thinking back on the times I had gotten to see her and the times I talked to her.

I kinda wish I had said more than "Oui". I mean... that's why I went to french school, right?

Well... gotta go feed the dogs...

Bonne Fete Grandmaman. Je t'aimes beaucoup.

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