Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sleep? Who needs sleep!?!

So I find myself unable to sleep. Which is funny.. because around 8pm I could barely keep my eyes open.
I blame it on pushing through the sleep in order to "stay up until a decent time".
I am SO paying for this tomorrow...today.

Let's talk about the weekend!
Oh man, I had SOOOOO much fun!

My sister, brother and brother-in-law went upto Mt.Washington wednesday night, which meant for thursday and friday I was an only child.
Thursday night after work I made my way home, thinking that it was my parents' "Date Night"... but not this thursday! Nope, this thursday I was an only child. So instead of a date night for my parents, my mom suggested we go to my favourite restaurant! It was DELICIOUS!

Then Friday night my parents and I went to this Mexican restaurant called Orale. Let's just say I didn't like the vibe in there. It was just, uhhhh... weird.
I wasn't super impressed with the food, although their salsa and guacamole were good (tasted like how my mom makes it) and their tortillas were delicious.

Then saturday was definitely my favourite day of the weekend.
Friday night my sister had called down to invite us to meet them in Duncan for some Bowling. Which I've been wanting to do for a LONG time. So Saturday we headed upisland. We got to the bowling lane only to be disappointed by the fact that we only had 30 mins before all the 10 pin lanes were booked.
So we squeezed in one game. We asked how long it would be until we could bowl again and the lady said one hour.
We went outside (which smelled DISGUSTING) and we decided it was worth staying the extra hour. We looked around for stuff to do and right across the street was a pool hall!
So we killed an hour playing pool... that was SO much fun!
We went back to the bowling alley and there was a different guy there... and he told us that it would be one hour before there would be a lane open for us to play. =(

Instead of getting really really mad, like I wanted to... we just got into our cars and left for the trip back home. My dad bought us pizza and my sister and I bought booze and we spent the night playing Puerto Rico (a board game), trying to perfect the BottleCap Shot, and making Pornstars.

Funny thing about trying to perfect a shot... is that you try them back to back.... and we weren't really thinking of the effects. So by the time we pulled out Puerto Rico... we were drunk. haha
We sang along to music and played the game.
These bottles were full when we started:

My poor sober mother had the task of driving my brother and I home.

Sunday was pretty cool. Renee came and picked Brian and I up and we ate some lunch together at Mayfair Mall.... then we went shopping. Stationary stores mostly... because who doesn't LOVE looking at different Padfolios and purple paper to put inside!?! Not to mention different pens, pencils, sketchpads, file folders... You may think I'm being sarcastic... but really, my brother sister and I love Stationary.
My mom made DELICIOUS mexican casserole for dinner. One of my favourite meals.

So all in all... a great weekend. OH!
Renee and I also coloured Sunday.... this is my picture:

Well, Have a goodnight all!!

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