Friday, April 26, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 100!

Hello All!!

Welcome to this, the ONE HUNDREDTH edition of #PositiveThurs!! :)
Can you BELIEVE it!?!

Thank you to everyone who participates and makes this community my FAVORITE one on the internets. ;)

It's tweets like this that make #PositiveThurs THE BEST!

I got warm & fuzzies with this one:

Those of us that live in Victoria, BC have had it MAAAAAAADE this week! Our weather has been amazing!

This share for Jer made me laugh!

Sean shared a quote that is very important to remember:

and NEVER forget:

Would it be a #PositiveThurs without Mr.Pickles??

Here are all of your fabulous tweets. Keep rocking out the awesome vibes. 100 weeks strong! :)

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