Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Time to Refocus

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In 2013, I've really "upped" my running mileage. It felt amazing when I realized that I could run over 10km at least once a week. I had a rockin' February where I ran a total of 119kms, and topped that in March with a crazy 127kms total (which included running a non-race half marathon with my run buddies!)

I'm a 'numbers' girl. I love seeing my average minute per kilometer drop. I love watching the kilometers increase. I love watching the pounds drop.

After I ran a Ghetto Half Marathon, my knees were bothering me.
Now don't get me wrong - Being overweight and a runner, I'm no stranger to sore knees. However, it always goes away after a day or so.
This wasn't doing it's usual thing, so I've scaled back my running a bit. Added in some knee exercises to strengthen the muscles, added some walking days, and I'm going to pay really close attention to what my knees want.

At first, when I decided this, I felt sad. My numbers aren't going to be increasing.
The problem with being so numbers driven, is when numbers aren't your goal. My goal isn't to run over 100kms in a month, it isn't to get faster and my goal (believe or not) is NOT to lose weight.

My goal is to be healthy.

If I stick to my orignal plan: (Eat Healthy. Exercise for at least 30mins/day x  at least 4 days a week) I will reach that goal.
Will that goal naturally decrease my weight? YES. (*Bonus!)
Will that make me faster? YES. 

It's just time to refocus on what my actual goal is, stick to my original plan, and not get caught up in the numbers.
While I don't appreciate the pain, (Knees - I'm looking at you) I appreciate the nudge to remember what my real goal is. Now let's stay injury-free and get healthy together!

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