Friday, April 19, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 99!

WOW Everyone! We've had 99 #PositiveThurs'! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!
When going through all of your tweets to choose which ones to highlight in the blog, I bookmarked about 15 of them... and I usually only feature 5. So strap in! This is going to be an AWESOME ride!

This week was full of tragedies. It was a week where we were shown the darkness in humanity. However, Katharine's tweet sums the lesson we should grab from all this.

This one made me SMILE BIG!

This next one are some of my favorite kinds of #PositiveThurs tweets. When you tell people how awesome they are!

Obviously couldn't resist this one:

A fitting tweet after that picture: :)

People share quotes on #PositiveThurs, and this next one REALLY hits the nail on the head for me this week!

I love this to-do list. I think more of us should "treat" ourselves to this EXACT list.

Stay amazing, don't stop smiling, give out some hugs.

Here are all of your awesome tweets in a slideshow!!

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