Friday, March 1, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 92!

One thing I love about #PositiveThurs, is no two tweets are the same.
I love how USYouthBowling & Mr #BePositive get in there with awesome quotes. Tweeting out to their followers all day.
I love how Bmeckie posts pictures of Mr.Pickles.
I love when people I don't expect to post anything about #PositiveThurs, do.
I love the "Good Morning" Tweets between a bunch of you for #PositiveThurs ( SocMedGirlYYJ & BakeDanceLove - I'm looking at you)

There is so much about #PositiveThurs that I love. Here are a couple of things that jumped out for me.

I agree with Darcie WHOLE HEARTEDLY.

...and then you can ask them "Why AREN'T you??"

Last but not least... Paint Happy Trees...

Here are your AWESOME tweets from yesterday!

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