Friday, March 15, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 94!

Wow!! What an awesome week!!

I'm certainly glad the weekend is finally here - Tonight I get to meet up with some awesome twitter folks and sing some karaoke! I haven't done that in forever - and I'm really looking forward to it!! (Want to come? Click Here for Details)

Every week, you post pictures that make me smile! This week was no different:

So awesome!! Take what you need!

When I asked the question "What makes YOU awesome?...Let's celebrate you!" I got this response:

WOW. Aimee - I REALLY want to celebrate you! Thank you for volunteering!!

I think I love the hashtag on this next tweet more than anything else:


This put a smile on my face:

"Smells like childhood!" :)

Well everyone, thanks again for being so very very awesome!!

Last but not least: Your amazing #PositiveThurs tweets!

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