Friday, March 8, 2013

#PositiveThurs - Week 93!

Hello Everyone!
Welcome to the #PositiveThurs recap!

MAN OH MAN! What an awesome & amazing week! I normally feature about 3-4 tweets... but I have 9 bookmarked - so let's get cracking!

This tweet from Janis reminds us that meeting face-to-face and being present in that moment is just as important as being engaging online. What an awesome reminder from the #SMCVictoria mixer! :)

Ok, if this doesn't make you smile... I'm not sure what will:

I love "Texts From Dog" and you most likely will too!!

Looking for a smile inducing pickup line? Chrysta's got one for you!:

If you're not from Victoria (#PositiveThurs 'homebase') you may not be privvy to the beautiful springs that we are lucky to experience!

Sometimes it doesn't matter WHY you're you're happy. Just revel in it!

Mairi is awesome every day of the week, and Thursdays are no different! I hope her friend Aimee DID have a good interview and WAS #PonP (Positive On Purpose!)

Because you can. SERIOUSLY!

Wednesday night I went over to the Social Media Club Victoria Mixer and RANDOMLY met a twitter friend who I met through #PositiveThurs - he wasn't even there for the event! His name is Eric, and he's just as awesome offline as he is on!

Ok, ok --- I've made you wait long enough!! Here are ALL the awesome/amazing tweets from the #PositiveThurs community!

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